[Taocow PBEM] Chapter IX - The King Of The River

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> [Ted]
> The lizard man turned to Osiris. "I got to play with your
> vibro-blade a little on our way out of the subway system. If
> Ugul  has one of those, I would like one. Also, do you have
> enough money to get me some mega-damage armor?"
> [/Ted]

"How about it then, good sir." Osiris says.  "Let's start with your
selection of vibro-blades."

Ugul leads Ted and Osiris over to a locked glass cabinet.  Ugul
presses his palm on a slightly darker piece of the glass, and the
doors swing silently open.

On one shelf are several vibro-weapons; vibro-claws, vibro-daggers,
vibro-swords and the like.  Most are brand new, but there are a few
older models.

Osiris picks one of the used ones, a rather scratched up vibro-sword
with the letters "N.S." carved into them.

Osiris hefts it, then beckons Ugul and Ted back.  Switching the energy
field on, he dances it between both hands, twirls it, slices the air,
and generally looks quite impressive despite his age and injuries.

Osiris reaches into a pocket and pulls out some gemstones and very old
looking gold coins.  "The coins are Old Atlantean, as I'm sure you can
see." Osiris says.  "I think that and the stones should be more than
adequate to pay for this blade."

Ugul accepts the coins and gems, biting down on the coins, and pulling
out a small digital magnifier, runs the stones through it.  "This is
acceptable." he says.  "I'll even throw in this scabbard."  Ugul
reaches and pulls out a rather worn looking leather scabbard and
passes it to Ted.

Osiris passes Ted the vibro-sword.  "Not the finest-looking, I'm
afraid, but perfectly serviceable."

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