[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIII - Of Prophecies and Visions

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 11 00:39:46 BST 2007

> [GM]
> As if in answer to Osiris's question, some activity
> can be heard down
> the hall.  Bongo's keen hearing picks up the guard
> and someone else
> talking.
> "They say Bruth grabbed a horse from the stables and
> road off west
> towards the capital as soon as this new stranger
> came into town." one
> voice says.
> "Aye.  He's a strange one, and the Prince has long
> had his eye on him.
>  The Mayor don't mind, because he gives him special
> lotions for his...
> sexual requirements.  Still, he's a strange duck."
> the other replies.
> "Crazy bastard, probably gone off to that silly
> temple." the first one
> replies.  "Wouldn't mind chasing him down, much more
> interesting that
> keeping an eye on this weird bunch."
> [/GM]

Shortly after the Prince and the Major leave the room
Talas stands up and addresses the group. "My friends I
know the there is a lot at hand for us to Discuss. But
these things will have to spoken of without me. For
the life of a Demon Queller is to short, for me to
pass up life’s small pleasures when they present them
selves. So if you will pardon me. I have a lovely
young lady awaiting my arrival. Mr. Quinn it is a
pleasure to meat you." and with that Talas turns
around and goes into his room to change into some well
tailored street close that he picked up in the NGR.
Once changed Talas then heads off to meat the mayors
daughter. On his way past the 2 guards Talas turns and
with out stopping asks "Gentlemen is 1 of you suppose
to shadow me for the night?" And with that Talas heads
off for his date.

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