[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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Osiris shakes his head.  "Alas, Alex, there is nothing I can learn from this.  I have seen many terrible spells in my time, but none that could> whisk away someone like this, not without taking out a good deal of the
surroundings in the process.  And remember his last words 'I'm cold'.  What did he mean?"

Osiris then looks to Sia, who seems completely absorbed by the ring. "Be careful there, Lady Sialillion.  We don't know anything about that ring, or about anything else we've gained here tonight."  Osiris gives Koba a sharp look.

"Lady Sialillion." he continues.  "You said something about Bruth being right, and all the gates being watched, but you seemed ready to say something further.  What know you?"

Max nods.  "Please, if you can escape, do it now.  If you wish to leave the prisoners, I will take care of them.  And no, I shall not slay them, but they will see justice."

The taller prisoner hisses.  "Yes leave us to this man's justice..."

The orcish man shakes his head.  "Take me with you!" he cries.  "I can help you, I swear.  Don't leave me here.  They'll hang me for sure."

[Lady Frost]
Slowly standing up, she gave Talas a very faint nod.  "Don't worry, I won't become like them.  My whole life has been about helping protect the innocent."

Turning at the words of the two prisoners, she walked towards them, her arms covered in blood, gore, dirt, and debris from her recent actions.

"They can come with us."
She points at the orc, "You, I believe."
Then turns to the taller man "And you want to stay here just a little too much.  Instead of leaving you here where you can break out and harm others, I'll keep an eye on you myself."

Leaning down until she's almost nose to nose with the man, she quietly continues.. "And if you give me even the slightest reason, I'll make sure you think Bruth got off easy."

[/Lady Frost]

((OOC:  Can't recall, is there such a thing as an intimidate check in this game?  Don't have my RIFTs book handy. ))

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