[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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Looking over at Lady Frost he sees the gory spectacle. The display and
threats may have been too much, and would have turned his stomach upside
down, but no one was harmed. "Self defense and preservation is not evil
Carlos. It is a necessity at this point."

Koba turns away and starts to walk towards the Orcish man. "Cooperate with
him, and we might believe you. You will still have to prove yourself."

The shaking building catches him by surprise. He latches his helmet and
slings the rifle off of his shoulder. Moving towards the door while dodging
pieces of falling concrete he says with some urgency, "Ok, NOW I'm ready to

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> [Carlos] After watching Lady Frost's bloody display and intimidation of
> the two prisoners Carlos lets out a chuckle and turns to Koba. "I see
> what you mean by not allying ourselves with evil." [/Carlos]
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