[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands - Combat Round #2 OOC

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As the large bird swoops in on the building, Koba will try to get a shot at
it with the rifle. 

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> > [Initiative]
> > Hidden Enemy #1 - 20
> > Hidden Enemy #2 - 19
> > Alex - 18
> > Koba - 17 (won tie-breaker)
> > Carlos - 17
> > Talas - 14 (won tie-breaker)
> > Lady Frost - 14
> > Alister - 13
> > Ted - 11 (won tie-breaker)
> > Osiris - 11
> > Sialillion - 7
> > [/Initiative]

> [Enemy #1]
> The first sniper continues firing on Lady Frost, ignoring everything else,
> much as she thought he would. She takes more damage.
> [/Enemy #1]

> [Alex]
> Seeing movement out of her target, Alex should be able to get a better
> bead on her target.  If she can get a target, she fires a second three
> round burst from her JA-12 [Strike: 11, Damage: 20MD].
> [/Alex]

The shot catches the enemy, knocking him down the roof, but he seems to be a
pretty tough fellow, and hangs on.

> [Koba]
> Koba lines up and takes a shot with his rifle at the enemy he can pick
> out. [Strike: 20 (not natural), Damage: 10MD]
> [/Koba]

Koba's shot hits the enemy squarely.

> [Carlos]
> Carlos fires on the enemy. [Strike: 16, Damage: 24MD]
> [/Carlos]

The sniper can be heard screaming, as a piece of his armor simply fragments.

He is now quickly trying to get out of range.

> [Talas]
> Talas fires a burst from his rail gun at the first sniper.  [Strike: 20
> (not natural), Damage: 25MD]
> [/Talas]

Talas's railgun fire blasts the remaining sniper, and the force of the blast
knocks him right through the roof into the building beneath.

> [Lady Frost]
> ~Little known fact.  If you charge towards someone shooting energy bolts
> at you, they're pretty easy to trace backwards to the shooter.  Of course,
> this relies on you being able to survive the hits.~
> That thought passed through Frost's mind as she ran, angling towards the
> building the still firing sniper was on top of.
> ~Time to be a super hero and cause some property damage.~
> Putting on what little speed she had left to add, Frost raced towards the
> building, aiming to plow into it and knock the stone and wood structure
> down, shooter and all.
> ~This is going to hurt~
> [/Lady Frost]

Lady Frost crashes through the house, and, in a flash, is standing in a
ruined kitchen staring at a man in blackened, melted armor, lying on the
ground moaning.

Alister holds his fire, waiting for some order in all the confusion.

[Enemy #2]
The other enemy has recovered enough to start opening fire, strafing the
hillside wildly.  One of his shots strikes Osiris, doing a bit of damage
[Damage: 6MD].
[/Enemy #2]

Ted attempts to take the remaining visible sniper out [Strike: 20 (not
natural), Damage: 11MD].  The sniper is hit, but minimal damage is done.

"Ouch!" Osiris yells, before leveling his own shot, aiming for the head but
only hitting the main body [Strike: 13, Damage: 15MD].

> [Sia]
> When Sialillion's turn comes (assuming that others haven't taken them out
> yet by then), she unclips her backpack and draws her compound bow.  Still
> crouching behind the earthen wall, she arcs an arrow tipped with a heavy
> explosive arrowhead towards the sniper shooting at Lady Frost (who her
> familiar has spotted for her.)  [Strike: 12, Damage: 12MD]
> [/Sia]

The arrow strikes the remaining sniper's armor and explodes, throwing him
several feet.  When he comes to rest he begins scrabbling awkwardly for a

Back inside the semi-collapsed building, the other sniper, bereft of weapon
(which lies somewhere in the wreckage) puts up his hand and says in an odd,
thick accent "Surrender I."

Above there is a loud cry and suddenly a black, pterodactyl-like creature
sweeps down towards the ruined house and at Lady Frost.  Lady Frost hears
the unearthly cry in time to see this monstrous thing approaching her, black
talons stretched out like some giant featherless eagle ready to catch its

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