[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.net
Sun Aug 3 21:34:50 BST 2008

Troy Imlach wrote:
> [Talas]
> Being the only one not actually exploring the room, Talas responds to the radio call, thankful to have something to do. Though slightly confused be what he's hearing "Hawk? Lady Alex is that you? I am sorry, I do not understand what you mean buy sit rap. Please restate." Talas then moves closer to the entrance of this chamber in the hope of getting a clearer signal.
> [/Talas]
"Yes, this is Alex. The Call name I go by is "Hawk" because that is my 
last name. 'Sit Rep' means 'Situation Report.' Sorry about that," the 
red haired scout responds.

"Amateurs study tactics; professionals study logistics." 
"Wannabes study Maus and other fantasy specifications . . . ."

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