[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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> > [GM]
> > Suddenly Alex catches site of a bolt of bluish energy bursting through some
> >  rock at the top of the island.  It hits maybe three thousand feet of
> > altitude and then flattens out like a dish, moving in all directions like a
> > wave.  Much more breathtaking, and frightening, she catches sight of a
> > distant leyline, maybe twenty miles to the west, start literally bending
> > towards the island, moving somewhere between fifty and a hundred miles an
> > hour.  Another leyline, further to the south, is being pulled as well,
> > though it's much too distant for her to get much sense of its speed of
> > approach.
> > [/GM]

> > [Alister]
> > "Holy shit..." Alister murmurs.
> > [/Alister]

> [Alex]
> "Do we just wait it out?" Alex asks
> [/Alex]

"I don't know." Alister says.  "If they don't get on this boat soon, it may
be a moot point."

> > [GM]
> > The strong current of the river is now becoming erratic.  And Lady Louissa
> > is clearly having a hard time keeping the boat in one place.  She shouts to
> > Alex, "I think this might just pull the anchor out.  I see a few rocks to
> > tie up to, but do we really want to tie up to this island?  Can you get
> > those guys to get down here now?"
> > 
> > Alex can now clearly see large boulders dislodging from the cliff wall
> > immediately above them, some nearly as big as a small all-terrain vehicle.
> > They crash into the water with great splashes which drench the deck and
> > everyone on it.
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex yells to the young pilot, "Can you back us away and maybe we can
> throw a line to the others"
> [/Alex]

Louissa nods.  She pulls a large lever and the whine of the anchor motor can
be heard, as the cable begins winding up.  At that very moment, another
large boulder comes lose, crashing down on the deck with a loud boom.  The
boat suddenly lists heavily, and with a shout Alister is flung into the
swift river.

Nearly as dramatically the boat lists to the other side before righting
itself.  Out in the river, Alister can be seen trying to swim back to the
boat, but it's all he can do just to keep up with the current, and he'll
tire soon.

[Meanwhile, on the island...]

> > [Lady Frost]
> > Lady Frost looks at Ted, and then back at the chamber below as it fills with
> > molten rock.  "I'll be back in a moment."  With that she leaps back towards
> > the manhole, ice leaping from her hands down into the heat below.  "I won't
> > leave one of ours behind!" she shouts as she climbs down into the lower
> > chamber.
> > [/Lady Frost]

> [Ted]
> "Frost, I don't...," the lizard man begins. He feels the floor rumble again
> and decides to make for the surface. With all her superpowers and
> experience, surely she will join them shortly.
> [/Ted]

OOC: I'm going to assume everyone but Lady Frost is now climbing up the

Above, just as the first of the company climbs up the rope to the top of the
island, they can see the boat struck by a boulder and Alister flung into the

The island is now shaking horribly, so badly that even standing is
difficult.  Below, in the chambers, all that can be seen is the red of
magma, which is coming closer to the surface.  This is offset in a most
distressing way by the blue of ley lines doing the impossible, and moving to
converge on the island.

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