[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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> > [GM]
> > Louissa looks to the others.  "It seems I am the only one that can
> > pilot this craft.  I'm afraid your stuck with me at least until the Last
> > Bridge.  There we have a small outpost, the closest to the ruins of
> > Old New York.  From there, I don't know where you want to go.  If
> > it's further south, then take me, and we'll take a run at the Gulf of
> > New York, or if you like, you can go overland to wherever your
> > destination is.
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex replies, "It is not for me to decide where you go from here. I do
> have to warn you that many of our companions have died along the way.
> Many times, I have felt overwhelmed. The blessed Virgin seems to be
> watching over me so far but I am more of a scout than anything else
> myself."
> [/Alex]

Lady Louissa shakes her head.  She looks straight at Alex.  "I do not
want to be simply an heiress, to live in a nice house and never having
seen the greater world.  I come from a line of warriors and adventurers,
and yet my job is to get married, live in a nice house, and produce a
proper male heir to the office of Mayor.  I want more than that.  I look
at you, Lady Frost and Lady Sialillion, and I see brave women going
to a dreaded place to save people you don't even know."

"Besides," she says with a slight smile on her face, "Talas is going."

Alister rolls his eyes and then coughs somewhat unconvincingly.
"Those are really lovely thoughts." he says.  "But this here
brave adventuring type really wants to get going.  I don't mind the
overland route.  I just came from the outlying ruins of Old New York.
I think that's a lot safer than the ocean.  Maybe going by sea might
take just a few days, or maybe we never get there at all.  My vote's
for walking."

[Lady Frost/Amanda Connors]
Amanda coughs, much more convincingly, as she opens her eyes
and then struggles to her feet.  Her voice is raspy and exhausted
when she speaks.

"Normally I'd agree with this Alister fellow," she says, "but we've
had one good night's rest, and I'll confess I've never been so tired
as when I had to single-handedly rescue our poor, foolish and maybe
still-to-be-dead Cyberknight."

"Carlos over there seems to think we've got to get moving fast, and
a boat ride means both speed, and at least some chance for everyone
to get some sleep."

With a bit of a sigh, the young woman leans down and rifles through
Osiris's belongings, pulling out Bongo's belongings in turn. After a
few moments she pulls out a small scrap of paper.

"Bongo and Osiris found this piece of paper on the ship before we
arrived in Ireland." she says.  "It just says 'Lat.36n Long.81w'.  That's
a map location.  Does anyone here have a map of the United States,
or North America, or whatever you guys call it?"
[/Amanda Connors]

Lady Louissa pulls several charts and maps out.  It takes her an
excruciatingly long time, but finally she produces what looks to be
a photocopy of a photocopy of a road map from the old American

OOC: See included file, or if you didn't get it, view it at

"I don't think it's very accurate, though." Lady Louissa says.  "That's
an old map, and a lot of it fell into the sea during the Apocalypse.
Maybe where we're going is under water already."

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