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> [Ted]
> The lizard man glanced briefly at Sia and then urged,
> "That is right, Talas. We must know what he has to do
> with this first."
> [\Ted]
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> [Sia]
> "Erm... if it would help I can attempt an exorcism.  
> But surely  
> simply killing him outright is not the answer!"
> [/Sia] 
"Talas looks at Ted nods and then turns his head towards Sia.”Lady Sialillion if you can perform an exorcism then please do. But please understand that if you can not rid Sir Osiris's body of this demon than I will have no choice but to do it in the manner I have been trained." Talas then turns back to Ted, "Mr. Ted you can let go of me my friend." Talas then uses his demon lore to try and ascertain what type of demon they are dealing with.
OOC: I sure hope that what ever Sia did to my didn't couse all this hola-baloo

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