[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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Lady Sia nods slowly . "Very well.  It will take a little time for me  
to prepare the exorcism.  Please ask whatever questions you need to or  
do whatever psychic probing you want.  Then please bind Osiris...  
Barnabas... whoever that is so that he cannot move, and place him in  
the center of the ritual circle.

Using the accoutrements of the underground hovel room and improvising,  
Sialillion takes some time to make a circle 30 feet in diameter  
(probably using either rice or salt).  Within the circle she uses that  
same material to draw arcane runes and geometric patterns.  She also  
lays out some candles or other sources of flame around the circle if  
available, and lights them.  It takes about ten minutes for her to  

With a look of determination and maybe a bit of anxiety, she addresses  
the group.  "Once I begin the spell, everyone must stay outside the  
circle- no matter what happens.   If you move inside the circle, the  
spirit possessing Osiris will try to possess you as well.  The ritual  
only grants Osiris and I a measure of protection from that happening,  
but you all will be in grave danger if you approach."

Once everyone has asked their questions and are satisfied that they've  
gotten as much information out of the spirit as they can, Sialillion  
sits down crosslegged in front of the bound cyberknight in the center  
of the ritual circle.   With a deep breath, she begins chanting the  

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>> [Ted]
>> The lizard man glanced briefly at Sia and then urged,
>> "That is right, Talas. We must know what he has to do
>> with this first."
>> [\Ted]
>> -- Alex Bayne <hayden.bayne at gmail.com> wrote:
>> [Sia]
>> "Erm... if it would help I can attempt an exorcism.
>> But surely
>> simply killing him outright is not the answer!"
>> [/Sia]
> [Talas]
> "Talas looks at Ted nods and then turns his head towards Sia.”Lady  
> Sialillion if you can perform an exorcism then please do. But please  
> understand that if you can not rid Sir Osiris's body of this demon  
> than I will have no choice but to do it in the manner I have been  
> trained." Talas then turns back to Ted, "Mr. Ted you can let go of  
> me my friend." Talas then uses his demon lore to try and ascertain  
> what type of demon they are dealing with.
> [/Talas]
> OOC: I sure hope that what ever Sia did to my didn't couse all this  
> hola-baloo
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