[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom - Inside Om's Dwelling

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[In Om's Dwelling]

While Om looks on nervously, Sia's ritual takes place.  Osiris's body
screams in pain.  Inhuman gurgles come from his mouth, and then suddenly a
dark shade seems to come out of his eyes, flayling around.  It seems to
strike at Sia, but is forced back.  It tries to quickly towards the others,
but cannot.

Though Sia does not notice, however, Om has carelessly come to close.  The
shadow strikes at him.  Om yells in an incomprehensible language and then
says in a voice almost as if he's being strangled "Get out now!!!!"

Suddenly his mighty branch-like hands swing out, literally smashing rock to
rubble as he runs towards Sia.

   Combat time!

     Om (apparently possessed) - 24
     Alex - 15*
     Sia - 8
     Talas - 8
     Ted - 2

     * I'm giving Alex a +6 because her Sixth Sense did go off.

Om strikes at Sia with one of his hands [Strike: 15], but Sia easily leaps
out of the way [Dodge: 18].

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