[Taocow PBEM] OOC: Rules Query

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Sun Dec 14 17:14:13 GMT 2008

The rules say a short bursts' damage is 1 round x2
A 3 round pulse from a pulse weapon does damage equal to three shots all fitting. i.e. 2D6 becomes 6D6.
I have no problems with what how you’re handling it. Just remember that a pulse form a pulse weapon does more damage that a short burst.

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> In this last combat round I've had a few PCs and NPCs
> firing weapons
> with fixed burst damage, as opposed to the standard burst
> rules, IE.
> 1D4x10+10 or something like that.  Of course, it always
> seems
> inevitable with such shots that you roll a one as often as
> not, and
> get rather crappy damage.
> Should I still be doing at least the short-burst multiple
> on these
> kinds of weapons, or is whatever it says for multi-short
> burst all you
> get for damage?
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