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well as you have Gmed for a good many years and don so very well. I will leave it up to your jugment.

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> > OOC:
> > The rules say a short bursts' damage is 1 round x2
> > A 3 round pulse from a pulse weapon does damage equal
> to three shots all fitting. i.e. 2D6
> > becomes 6D6.
> > I have no problems with what how you're handling
> it. Just remember that a pulse form a pulse
> > weapon does more damage that a short burst.
> I'm speaking specifically about those guns that do not
> follow the
> standard ROF rules, that specifically give a specific
> multi-burst a
> damage (ie. 1Dx4x10+10).  While the theoretical higher
> limit of such a
> multiburst is not bad (in this case 50MD), the reality
> I've found
> after years of play is that you'll probably average
> much lower,
> rendering these guns rather pointless, other than perhaps
> because some
> (maybe all?) come with a +1 aimed, so they're sniper
> rifles.
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