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>> [Talas]
> Talas steps up to Max, looks him square in the eye,
> and not even trying to hide his anger. He says in a
> tone filled with venom. "And you shall have your
> justice Mr. Max. Tell us were is 22-B Warden's
> Street?" Talas then looks around at the rest of the
> group and says "My friends I feel that this tall pail
> man is the same demon we met in the city ruins."
> [/Talas]

As Max speaks, Sialillion's attention seems to fade, and her look  
becomes glazed over and distant for a moment.  Then, suddenly, she  
snaps to attention, and interjects, "Yes, Warden's street, that's  
where they are right now!  No time to lose."  With urgency and  
authority she addresses Max and tells him,  "Max, can you radio the  
city guard and tell them not to let anyone in or out of the gates, on  
my authority?"  Then she addresses the group. "There's two men,  
they're trying to get away.  We have to stop them!"  Sialillion opens  
the door, prepared to lead the group to Warden's Street.

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