[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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> > [GM]
> > "I confess I had some inkling as to what they were talking about, and when I saw
> > you folks come walking in with Major Pournelle and Lady Sia, and some of you
> > looked just like that short orc-man described, I felt a great terror, but none of these
> > visitors look like friends of good people, and I won't sell anyone out for a few
> > hundred credits. But look at what it has cost me. I've paid dearly alright, so what I
> > demand from you is justice.  Lissa died because of me, and because of you
> >  people."
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "No," the lizard man stated solemnly. "Lissa died because evil is allowed to run
> about in the world unchecked. Her death is not your doing."
> [/Ted]

"I stopped being a heroic adventurer a long time ago." Max says sadly.
 "And yet,
even when it means pain and death to those nearest to me, I can't stop playing
at it.  Part of me wishes I had done what they asked."

> [Talas]
> Talas steps up to Max, looks him square in the eye, and not even trying to hide his
> anger. He says in a tone filled with venom. "And you shall have your justice Mr.
> Max. Tell us where is 22-B Warden's Street?"
> Talas then looks around at the rest of the group and says "My friends I feel that this
> tall pale man is the same demon we met in the city ruins."
> [/Talas]

> [Alex]
> Alex simply listens to what he has to say at the moment although her hand is
> grasped at her pistol on her side.
> [/Alex]

Osiris nods.  "Yes, I think Max's visitor and that... creature chasing
us are one and the same.  I also think we should pay a visit to
Warden's Street."

"They won't likely stick around for long." Amanda says.  Where she comes from,
Amanda has had much experience chasing such villains down, and after what was
done to that poor girl, she will take a great deal of pleasure in
capturing these ones.

> [Sia]
> As Max speaks, Sialillion's attention seems to fade, and her look becomes glazed
> over and distant for a moment.  Then, suddenly, she snaps to attention, and
> interjects, "Yes, Warden's Street, that's where they are right now!  No time to lose."
> With urgency and authority she addresses Max and tells him,  "Max, can you radio
> the city guard and tell them not to let anyone in or out of the gates, on my
> authority?"  Then she addresses the group. "There's two men, they're trying to get
> away.  We have to stop them!"  Sialillion opens the door, prepared to lead the group
> to Warden's Street.
> [/Sia]

Max snaps to attention.  "Yes, m'lady.  I will do so immediately."  He
runs for an
adjoining room that appears to be an office of some kind.

Bongo follows Sia.  "I wouldn't have minded having my new armor ready.
 Let's not
forget that, or are stuff, which has apparently been taken upstairs
already by our
good patron."

Amanda follows Bongo and Sia on to the street outside, where the crowd is now
breaking up.

OOC: I'll give a few more days for everyone else to decide what to do,
so I'll continue
on Monday.

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