[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions OCC

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 20:45:40 GMT 2008

On Jan 5, 2008 9:32 PM, Paul Groeneveld <delthin_x at yahoo.com> wrote:
> ooc: I take it walking around in armor in this town is
> frowned apon? were we required to not being in armor
> apon entering this town?

OOC: Sorry, wasn't very clear on that.  Your weapons would most
certainly have been held for your audience with the King.  The rules
of the town are that armor is okay, but you're not supposed to walk
around the town with guns in hand, but they're more concerned about
concealed weapons than anything else.  There is no warden or the like
that collects your weapons at the gate, however.

I've always thought the "No Weapons Rule" is kinda silly in an
environment where you can disarm a guy with NG-57, but one of his
mates is a third level Mind Melter and the other is a fifth level
Tattooed Atlantean.

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