[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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Sat Jan 12 01:27:36 GMT 2008

On Jan 11, 2008, at 11:12 AM, Troy Imlach wrote:

> [Ted]
> "On it," the lizard man replies. He takes off ahead of
> the others while
> looking for a way to get behind the Orcs without
> getting shot by his
> companions.
> [/Ted]
> [Carlos]
> Carlos has been in shock over the news of the two men.
> He
> yells at them "Why are you here! You should be dead!"
> while jumping to
> tackle the big white man.
> [/Carlos]
> [Talas]
> Watching both Ted and Carlos tackle the two men Talas
> will attempt a disarming jump kick on which ever one
> of them manages to remain standing.
>  - If they are both still standing Talas will attack
> the half-orc.
>  - If they are both down then Talas will try to pin
> the half-orcs sword arm.
> [/Talas]

Upon seeing the two men, Sialillion makes some intricate gestures with  
her hands and says in a loud, clear voice, "Myrellen Vosh'na!"  A  
eight foot long square wall of semitransparent shimmering blue light  
suddenly ripples into existence in the middle of the street, about 20  
feet in front of any of the party who haven't run ahead to close to  
melee.  It is positioned so as to be able to provide a large area of  
cover for ranged attacks.

OOC:  I cast Energy Field.  (PPE deducted)

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