[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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>>> [Ted]
>>> "Get the sword and then get everyone out of here, Talas," the 
>>> lizard man ordered. "I have this under control."
>>> [/Ted]

>> [GM]
>> Even as Ted speaks, the mummy tries to escape, pulling itself along
>> by its one free arm, literally pulling Lady Frost and Ted along
>> with it. Talas's spell is making it unbearable for the mummy to be 
>> anywhere near here.
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted lets go other mummy and rolls over to where the sword lies on the
> ground. In one fluid motion, he leaps back at the undead creature 
> and drives the blade into its back with all the force he can muster. 
> [Strike: 23]
> [/Ted]

The blade passes into the mummy with incredible ease. It glows with the 
color of the bright midday sun for a moment, and a huge portion of the 
mummy's torso seems to simply melt away.  Still, there must be some 
powerful spells binding this spirit to the undead shell it inhabits, for 
it keeps pulling Ted and Lady Frost along.

> [Koba]
> Shaken and stunned from the impact of his head against the stone 
> floor, Koba slowly gets up with an audible grunt. Hearing the
> shouting and screaming, he turns around to find the melee of Ted
> Mummy and Lady Frost all tangled up together. Pulling out his pistol
> he carefully aims and will try to fire only if there is a clear shot
> at the mummy.
> [/Koba]

No shot seems to present itself, and now it's going to get even more 

> [Sia]
> Advancing cautiously on the mummy with the cross still in her off 
> hand, Sialillion draws a silver knife with a 12 inch blade from the 
> sheath on her utility belt, its edge gleaming in the half light of
> the tomb. Assuming that Ted's attack doesn't end the creature,
> Sialillion will try to cut the clawed hand clean off the undead's
> arm, hoping that it will end its struggles. [Strike: 1]
> [/Sia]

Sia's attempt to slice off the undead creature's arm is a terrible 
failure.  She misses completely and merely scratches the floor.

> [Lady Frost]
> Seeing as the creature had broken her icy pin, she hangs onto it as 
> fiercely as she can. But it was weakening.
> "No! Whatever you two are chanting, keep it up! Carlos, Osiris, you 
> guys get the sword out of here."
> She hadn't seen any weapons fire hit the thing, so those two were 
> probably just waiting for a clear shot... which they wouldn't get as
> long as she and Ted were clinging to this thing like Saran wrap.
> Pulling one arm back, she elbowed the creature in the head with all 
> her strength. Sometimes you just had to do things the old fashioned 
> way... [Strike: Natural 20]
> [/Lady Frost]

With all her might, Lady Frost crushes the skull of the thing with her 
elbow [Damage: 60MD].  The creature's head is utterly obliterated.  The 
rest of the mummy's body twitches for a few moments and then is still.

Below the slab of stone where the mummy had been laying, what appear to 
be sparks can be seen flickering.

[Meanwhile, back on the boat...]

>>> [Alister]
>>> "If we abandon the boat, we're moving on foot." Alister whispers.
>>>  "I hate walking. I say we make our stand."
>>> [/Alister]

>> [GM]
>> The men look very nervous, glancing at Wallace's still smoking
>> body. "We don't want no trouble, so if you get off the boat,
>> y'know, we'll just act like none of this happened..."
>> There are only four of them left, one still recovering from the 
>> effects of the grenade.
>> Louissa whispers. "I agree with the techno-wizard. How hard can it 
>> be to take out these guys?"
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex continues bearing her rifle towards the men, "I hope you guys
> can swim."
> [/Alex]

In the face of Alex's staunch defense, the weary (and in many cases 
dizzy) men finally give up the ghost.  They lay down their weapons 

One of the men, visibly shaking says "Look, we just don't wanna go down 
for mutiny.  It'll mean our heads.  Just let us off, and don't tell Lady 
Sialillion anything, and we'll just say we were attacked and barely 
survived.  It ain't even a lie, sorta."

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