[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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Sat Jul 12 20:42:50 BST 2008

ooc: She is also watching like a "hawk"

Alex was about to answer but she sees the movement of a man attacking 
with a vibro-knife.
She opens fire with a three shot burst on him

Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> The remaining crew slowly move past Alex and her remaining companions.
> They give Alex quick, furtive looks, but clearly have no interest in joining
> their dead comrades.
> Alex probes the mind of the man who was last talking.  There's fear and
> concern, images of what must be his family, and possibly of angry
> superiors.  Alex knows that this mutinee would most certainly lead to
> execution, if it were discovered by anyone in the kingdom.
> And as that thought crosses Alex's mind, there's a sudden sense of
> impending danger.  One of the man, a vibroknife whipping out of its
> sheath jumps at Lady Louissa.
> Even as this happens, Alex's radio squawks.  "Alex, " Osiris's voice barely
> recognizable over the static, "come in, this is Osiris.  Is everything under
> control... over."
> [/GM]
> OOC: I'll give Alex automatic initiative, as her sense danger alerted her.
> [Meanwhile, back on the island...]

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