[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Wed Jun 4 23:59:01 BST 2008

> [GM]
> For a moment there is nothing, and then there is a distant
> chugging as if
> some old engine were starting up.  The steel door slowly...
> haltingly slides
> up to reveal another chamber.
> The air is musty and a little rank, the fading smell of
> ancient death.  The
> room itself is dimly lit by reddish glowing stones set in
> the ceiling. 
> There is a simple granite slab in the middle of the
> chamber, and on it,
> coated in a layer of dust, is the shriveled, wizened
> remains of a Wolfen. 
> On its body is battered, scorched old-style Coalition armor
> painted in
> bright gold and red colors in the form of a dragon.  The
> heavily damaged and
> punctured remains of what looks like an ancient,
> non-megadamage shield, lay
> across the figure's feet, and laying upon its breast,
> clutched by gloved
> hands, is a mighty broadsword, though it's bleached
> white, looking like bone
> rather than steel.  In its hilt is a nude female figure
> carved from diamond
> or some other gemstone, impressive in every detail, save
> that there is no
> face.
> In the granite slab is carved: "HERE LIES AKIRAX, SON
> The voice speaks again, quieter this time.  "You have
> found the key, but the
> demon must be extinguished."
> Koba's bag suddenly bursts into flames.  There is a
> faint scream, and a wisp
> of blue smoke, almost human-shaped, hovers over the company
> before fleeing
> out of the chamber.
> [/GM]

Talas looking around at the group and says "My friends let us make this quick. The faster we get back to the boat the better. Other than I who has trained to fight with a sword?"

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