[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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"Get the sword and then get everyone out of here, Talas," the lizard man ordered. "I have this under control."
OOC: If he has them, Talas could get a cure disease, remove curse or similar spell ready. It sounds like Clausen has something in store for everybody's favorite mutant Komodo dragon.
-- Troy Imlach <troy_a_i at yahoo.ca> wrote:
OOC: OK the above post needs to be modified do to a misunderstanding on who was were in the fight between Ted and the mummy. So here is the revised turn.

ON seeing that the spell did not fully work Talas moves towards Ted and the mummy. Talas then casts Turn Undead, in the hope that it will disorient the mummy enough for Ted to ether get away from the mummy or get the upper hand in his fight with the mummy.

- If Ted does get away from the mummy Talas will grab the mummy and through it across the room.
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