[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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> > > > [GM]
> > > > "Now, back to my price." Bruth continues.  "If you make it to
> > > > Rath-iren alive (which I doubt), you must retrieve the Ring of Oth and
> > > > bring it to me.  Yes, I'm sure you'll be counseled by someone that
> > > > it's dangerous and evil and so forth.  But I care not.  If you want my
> > > > help, then you'll do it.  Otherwise, you won't make it out of this
> > > > city alive.  I'll just as happily do business with the K'murd-faka
> > > > when it comes."
> > > > [/GM]

> > > [Ted]
> > > "Gee, Bruth, it sounds like you are playing both sides of the fence.
> > > Tell us why we should let you leave here at all," the lizard man says,
> > > rifle at the ready.
> > > [/Ted]

> > [GM]
> > "You might find killing me a little harder than that." Bruth replies.  "Do you
> > think I am fool enough to walk into this without taking precautions?"
> >
> > "As to playing both sides," Bruth smiles, "let's just say I'm keeping my
> > options open.  I no longer have any desire to die for so-called noble ends.
> > The choice is up to you.  At this very moment, agents of the K'murd-faka,
> > some much brighter than these two, are watching every exit to the city,
> > even the secret ones that our much esteemed Lady Sialillion knows about.
> > I, however, know of one that she does not.  I can either reveal it to you, or
> > to the K'murd-faka, who will find it very useful when it finally decides to take
> > the city.  But I warn you, you are all running out of time.  And if you manage
> > to kill me, well then, you will die anyways."
> > [/GM]

> [Talas]
> "If 'She Who has No name', has turned her back on you. Then why should
> we not do the same?"
> [/Talas]

> [Koba]
> "Or was it you who turned your back on her? You're willing to sell an
> allegiance to these...devil spawn. Willing to turn your back on the people
> of this city for a ring of metal. No sir, noble ends would not fit you in
> the least." The harshness in his voice is as if he is scolding a child.
> No deal can be struck with those with no integrity, no bargains with the
> devil, and no trading safe passage for an artifact. Koba stands ready to
> fight his way out of the room and out of the city if need be.
> [/Koba]

"Whatever the causes," Bruth muses, "here we are.  I'm offering you a
chance of escape."

> [Alex]
> Alex does not know much about magic but does distrust this 'Bruth.' She
> cannot kill him in cold blood but she does not like the idea of dealing
> with him either. She never even really considered herself to be a hero,
> not even really a soldier but just a scout.
> "If the Virgin with us, there is no certain death as you call it." Alex
> keeps her rifle ready depending on how this individuals reacts to the
> others. She has to trust that they know how to deal with him better than
> she does.
> [/Alex]

Osiris smiles at Alex, and then looks harshly at Bruth.  "You are a traitor
to your people." he says simply.

> [Ted]
> *Can you shut this guy up?* Ted asked Koba telepathically. *If a fight
> starts, I prefer he not cast any spells.*
> [/Ted]

> [Koba]
> Koba shifts his gaze to Ted and gives him a disappointed shake of his head.
> Suddenly, he feels just a little bit inadequate.
> [/Koba]

> [Carlos]
> Coolly he asks "What do you want this ring for and what does it look
> like?"
> [/Carlos]

"Ah yes," Bruth says, "a man after my own heart.  It is not unlike
this ring," he
says, lifting his hand to reveal the dull iron ring, "save that it has
a single pale
blue gem set in it, and almost invisible runes set on the inside that spell out

"And now, make up your minds.  I have run out of patience."

Bongo telepathically speaks to the rest of the company.  *I think we're all
thinking the same thing.  We can't trust him.  But he's right, we can't wait
here any longer.  All of you, nod once if you think we should take him out.*

Osiris nods once.

[Lady Frost]
Lady Frost also nods once.
[/Lady Frost]

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