[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

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Thu Mar 27 20:23:36 GMT 2008

OOC: I forgot about the NPC Max in this initiative rolls, so I'll give
him a score of 1.

> > [Initiative]
> > Bongo - 20
> > Bruth - 17
> > Ted - 17
> > Sia - 16
> > Carlos - 14
> > Osiris - 14
> > Alex - 12
> > Talas - 12
> > Alister - 10
> > Lady Frost - 5
> > Max - 1
> > [/Initiative]

> > [Bongo]
> > Bongo jumps at Bruth in a clumsy leap attack which merely catches
> > Bruth's shoulder, while Bongo himself lands unspectactularly on his
> > rump.
> > [/Bongo]

> > [Bruth]
> > Bruth shouts "Exad el katra!"  His iron ring shines as bright as a
> > sun, and a shadow appears above Bongo's head.
> > [/Bruth]

> > [Bongo]
> > Bongo cries "I'm cold!" as he tries to scramble away.  In an instant
> > Bongo's body fades and is gone.
> > [/Bongo]

> [Ted]
> Since he has been aiming for a little bit now, Ted makes a called shot with
> his energy rifle against the head of Bruth's staff or any other objects in his
> hands.
> [/Ted]

While Ted doesn't strike Bruth's ring, it does hit him in the torso.  The shock
ought to have blown Bruth back, but incredibly he stands his ground, no
apparent evidence that he's been hit.

> [Sia]
> Gesturing with her hands, Sialillion shouts "Myrellen Vosh'na!" and
> materializes her energy as a form-fitting bubble around the group,
> being especially sure to put the field around herself and any other
> members of the party not wearing MDC armor.
> [/Sia]

> [Carlos]
> In shock and disbelief, Carlos shouts at his companions "What have you
> done?!" He readies his rifle to fire on any newcomers who might interrupt
> the battle, or on Bruth if the fight gets out of hand.
> [/Carlos]

A cry of horror escapes Osiris's lips.  He and Bongo have been through so
much, and the loss of such a brave warrior and friend cuts deeper than an
energy rifle blast.  In an instant blaze, his psi-sword is in hand, and though
an old and wounded man, the Cyberknight's age seems to disappear as rage
fills his eyes.

He lunges forward, attempting to hack off the hand that wields that
iron ring, and
though the blow should have severed it as easily as a knife does butter, the
psi-sword's blade is turned aside in a scatter of sparks.

> [Alex]
> Carlos has initiative before she does but if he misses, she will fire a neural
> warhead grenade at Bruth.  She wants to capture him alive if at all possible
> to find out what happened to Bongo
> [/Alex]

The warhead strikes Bruth square in the chest.  There's a flash of blue and he
staggers back, nearly falling.  His movements now seem wooden, and his eyes
are clearly crossed.

> [Talas]
> Talas draws his rune swords and charges Bruth.
> [/Talas]

Despite Bruth's near incapacitation, Talas misses horribly, and ends
up stumbling
and nearly crashing into the door.

Alister fires a plasma dagger from a sheath in his arm at Bruth.

The plasma dagger strikes Bruth in the chest, blasting him backwards.  He shouts
something incomprehensible, perhaps some sort of incantation.  His
ring is glowing
with a bluish halo.

> [Lady Frost]
> For a long moment Frost just stands, staring at the spot where Bongo was
> moments before in shock and horror.  Another death.... another friend gone....
> Then, with a wordless scream of pain, anger, frustration, and grief, she leaps
> at Bruth aiming a full force punch at his head, fully intending to crush it like
> an overripe melon.
> [/Lady Frost]

With all her incredible might, Lady Frost punches Bruth.  The force of the blow
literally carries Bruth the door and into a pile of garbage.  His body
twitches for
several seconds, the ring on his finger glowing so bright as to cast shadows,
but finally it is still.

Tears streaming from Osiris's face, he searches the ground where Bongo was,
trying to learn something of where his friend had gone.

Max shakes his head.  "We've all suffered losses tonight.  And what if this
wizard was right?  What if there is no escape from the city?"

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