[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

J L tolrick_stonecleaver at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 23:23:06 GMT 2008

> [Osiris]
> Tears streaming from Osiris's face, he searches the
> ground where Bongo was,
> trying to learn something of where his friend had gone.
> [/Osiris]
> [GM]
> Max shakes his head.  "We've all suffered losses
> tonight.  And what if this
> wizard was right?  What if there is no escape from the
> city?"
> [/GM]

[Lady Frost]

Though not able to shed tears in her current form, Frost's face is a mask of anguish.
Wordlessly she stalks over to Bruth's body and begins pounding on it over and over, shattering pavement right along with anything else that gets under her fists.

[/Lady Frost]

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