[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XV - The Demon's Minions

Aaron Deskins aarondesk at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 19:09:00 GMT 2008

[Carlos] Working to control his emotions, Carlos says, "Save your
sermons preacher man. The world isn't so black and white as you think.
Go attend to the prisoners and see what you can do before more people
have to die." [/Carlos]

--- Koba Rowers <koba.rowers at gmail.com> wrote:

> [Koba]
> Koba takes Carlos aside and speaks with him away from the others in a
> quiet
> yes serious voice. "I do understand a few things that you may or may
> not
> have understood yourself. I know that he is simply a man who had
> delusions
> of power, and most likely a pawn to some more sinister being. I
> understand
> that giving him that ring may have made our escape easier, but think
> of
> this. I've been on this continent for maybe twice as long as you, and
> in
> that time, this world has not gotten one slight better for people
> like us.
> Every day there is a new deamon, new DBee invasion, or those toying
> with the
> dead. A new imminant threat to humans and peaceful DBees presents
> itself
> every time that sun comes over the horizon. People die by the
> thousands
> every day to evil beings. Cities just like this one are burned to the
> ground. What has saved us so far is the fact that we have not handed
> over
> everything to those who would wish to take over the world. Cities are
> rebuilt, good people never make pacts with evil men, and those
> willing to
> fight to stem those evil hordes." Koba sighs and then points Carlos
> over to
> Osiris. "That man has probibally been around for longer then anyone
> I've
> ever met. People of his order stand in the face of the greatest evil.
> People
> like him don't make pacts with men like Bruth, and people like him
> are why
> this world isn't already in the grip of evil."
> With a deep breath Koba tries to calm himself down and speaks with a
> much
> more sincere and subdued voice. "Carlos, right now we're under attack
> and
> it's scaring me too, but we need to do our best to stop it rather
> then ally
> ourselves with any part of it. Bruth is dead, and I wish we could
> have
> captured him insted, but if we're still looking for a way out of the
> city
> those two prisioners may be more receptive to helping us now."
> [/Koba]

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