[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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Fri May 9 23:51:02 BST 2008

> [GM]
> Within a few seconds Ted and Lady Frost have easily caught up to  
> Carlos.
>  The current is quite strong here.  Once they reach the island, they
> find only a small ledge to haul themselves out of the water.
> The captain looks to Lady Sialillion, now quite angry.  "M'lady, I had
> strict orders to take your company as far south as I could.  This
> excursion could get both of us in a great deal of trouble.  Besides,  
> you
> look quite exhausted, and I certainly don't think you should follow  
> your
> companions into the water."
> He thinks for a moment, then calls over one of his crew.  "Prepare one
> of the launches." he says.  When the crewman seems ready to object,  
> the
> Captain silences him.  "This is on my authority.  I know our laws, but
> clearly these people have some overriding purpose for going on the  
> island."
> The Captain turns back to Sia and the others still on the boat.  "We
> will move to the west bank and drop anchor.  Keep in radio
> communication, and let us know when to pick you up."
> The pale-skinned, bearded man that has been paying so much attention  
> to
> Talas walks up to the captain.  "I will volunteer to take these people
> across." he says in a low, gruff voice.  Talas feels there's something
> very familiar about those blue eyes.
> Meanwhile, as Koba flies overhead, Lady Frost, Ted and Carlos find
> themselves on the ledge, just inches above the water.  At one edge of
> the ledge, a narrow, roughly-carven stairway heads up to the crown of
> the island.  The stairway is no more than a foot and a half wide,  
> and is
> slick with river water and the snow that's beginning to fall.  It's a
> difficult trek upwards, and a dangerous one.
> Back on the boat, the launch is prepared.  Osiris turns to Sia.  "Lady
> Sialillion, I know you're exhausted, but I think we will need your
> presence, if for no other reason than your authority may be enough to
> prevent us getting into too much trouble over this."

Sialillion nods slowly.   "Very well.  I see that we have little time  
for rest."  She seems reluctant to proceed while so tired, let alone  
to be placed in the position of taking authority for this potentially  
dangerous expedition, but composes herself, her face becoming a cold  
mask.  She stands up and, addressing the nervous crew, lets out a  
voice much louder than one might expect from the slim and somewhat  
mysterious elf.   "As the King's representative, I deem that it be  
right and necessary to anchor at the forbidden island, and  
furthermore, send a crew to explore.  Any who would contradict me  
contradict the will of the King himself, and thus, shall be complicit  
in an act of treason."  She looks at any reluctant members of the crew  
with hard eyes, letting the meaning of her words sink in.

"Am I clear!?"  she finally bellows.

She then reclips her belt and throws her backpack back over her  
shoulder.  Then, taking a deep breath, she steps aboard the launch.   
"Captain.  Keep order while are gone."

> In about a minute the launch is prepared, and the bearded crew member
> fires up the motor.  "All aboard that are coming aboard." the man  
> says,
> even yelling the voice is little more than a growl.
> [/GM]

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