[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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> > [GM]
> > Meanwhile, as Koba flies overhead, Lady Frost, Ted and Carlos find
> > themselves on the ledge, just inches above the water.  At one edge of
> > the ledge, a narrow, roughly-carven stairway heads up to the crown of
> > the island.  The stairway is no more than a foot and a half wide, and is
> > slick with river water and the snow that's beginning to fall.  It's a
> > difficult trek upwards, and a dangerous one.
> > [GM]

> [Carlos]
> After making sure all his nearby companions are fine, Carlos starts
> heading up the stairs as carefully as possible.
> [/Carlos]

> [Ted]
> "Hold up, Carlos," the lizard orders in a hushed whisper. "I want to see
> this as much as you do, but what is that all about?"
> Ted follows the mercenary up the narrow staircase, all the while wondering
> why the man did not have frost bite by now. He holds his rifle ready, just
> in case, and decides to wait to activate his eye-light until it gets dark
> enough that he would need it.
> [/Ted]

> [Koba]
> From about 20 feet above the water, Koba sees the slow parade of swimmers
> make their way across the water. Now that everyone has made a decision to
> toss the local customs, he sets down near the statue. He quickly scans the
> area with his rifle in hand looking for any threats. If nothing appears
> dangerous, Koba concentrates and opens himself up to the presence of any
> electrical devices in the area or wiring that could give him a clue as to
> a possible entrance or area of interest.
> [/Koba]

Koba can detect no obvious threats.  The island is still and silent, save
for the sound of the river below and the voices of his companions as they
walk up the narrow stairs.

> [Carlos]
> "This is the place I saw in a vision. It is where we must be to
> stop the demon from rising. I've learned with this group that talk is
> sometimes cheap. If we are to stop this evil from rising, we cannot waste
> time with idle chatter and debate."
> [/Carlos]

> [Ted]
> "Fair enough. Can you tell me more about this vision?" Ted asked.
> [/Ted]

> [Koba]
> Convinced that there are no immediate threats in the area. Koba walks over
> to the small hole that was noticed earlier and takes a cautious peek down
> below ground. "I think I found the way inside. Carlos, would you like the
> honors of jumping in rashly? I hear it's your new hobby"
> [/Koba]

There's an old rusty ladder that leads down into the darkness.  The bottom
of the hole is not visible.

Even as Koba looks down the hole; Carlos, Ted and Lady Frost reach the top
of the island.  It is then that they can clearly hear the ruckus on the boat


> > [/GM]
> > Back on the boat, the launch is prepared.  Osiris turns to Sia.  "Lady 
> > Sialillion, I know you're exhausted, but I think we will need your 
> > presence, if for no other reason than your authority may be enough to 
> > prevent us getting into too much trouble over this."
> > 
> > In about a minute the launch is prepared, and the bearded crew member 
> > fires up the motor.  "All aboard that are coming aboard." the man says, 
> > even yelling the voice is little more than a growl.
> > [/GM]

> [Sia]
> Sialillion nods slowly.  "Very well.  I see that we have little time for
> rest." She seems reluctant to proceed while so tired, let alone to be
> placed in the position of taking authority for this potentially dangerous
> expedition, but composes herself, her face becoming a cold mask.  She
> stands up and, addressing the nervous crew, lets out a voice much louder
> than one might expect from the slim and somewhat mysterious elf.  "As the
> King's representative, I deem that it be right and necessary to anchor at
> the forbidden island, and furthermore, send a crew to explore.  Any who
> would contradict me contradict the will of the King himself, and thus,
> shall be complicit in an act of treason." She looks at any reluctant
> members of the crew with hard eyes, letting the meaning of her words sink
> in.
> "Am I clear!?"  she finally bellows.
> She then reclips her belt and throws her backpack back over her shoulder. 
> Then, taking a deep breath, she steps aboard the launch.  "Captain.  Keep
> order while are gone."
> [/Sia]

The Captain salutes, and then turns to his crew.  "Alright men!  You heard
Lady Sialillion.  We'll have no fuss.  Let's be about our business."

The crew responds with a number of rather weak-sounding "Ayes", but it's
clear that none are happy about this situation.  "M'Lady," the Captain says
quietly, "I mean what I say.  Do not tarry long there."

> [Alex]
> Alex states, "Why don't I stay aboard and give support with my rifle."
> She watches carefully on guard.
> [/Alex]

"I'm with you, Alex." Osiris says.  "I'm a little too old for that kind of a
climb.  Besides," he says under his breath, "this crew seems a little too
restive, and I'm not sure that all of us should be in the same basket."

> [Talas]
> Talas can not shake the feeling that this pale-skinned man may be soming
> more than he appears. To help confirm his suspicions, Talas casts 'Sense
> Evil' and then walks up to the captain and the pale skined man and sayss
> to them "Captain, we appreciate the concern of your crewman. But I do not
> wish to have any of your people break any of your laws."
> [/Talas]

The Captain nods, and then gives the crewman a hard look.  "You're new
here." he says to the man.  "I don't recall your name."

"I'm... Wallace, Sir.  Lieutenant George Wallace." he pulls out his tags.

One of the other crewmen looks up, a look of fear and anger in his voice. 
"I know Georgey." he says.  "Least ways, I *knew* Georgey, 'cause he got
himself killed in a barfight a couple of weeks ago at Fort Peters.  I only
know it 'cause my sister owns a farm near there, and she was talkin' about

The man's face fills with fear, and he immediately jumps for the launch. 
"Seize him!" the Captain cries...

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