[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Fri May 16 00:07:33 BST 2008

> [GM]
> The man attempts to dodge the bolt [Dodge: 10] but
> fails, and the bolt
> strikes him [Damage: 15SDC].  The man topples to the
> deck with a moan, his
> hands on his face.  Wisps of smoke seep from in
> between his fingers.
> [/GM]

> [GM]
> He lifts his hands to ward off another attack, only
> to reveal that he is a
> she!  It's a young woman, and not just any woman,
> but the mayor of Fort
> Peters, who some of the company had met a few nights
> before at the banquet,
> and who Talas had had tryst with.
> "Pl...please don't hurt me any more." she whimpers. 
> "I only came to help,
> and to be with my beloved."
> [/GM]
> [Osiris]
> "I believe that we are looking at Lady Louissa, heir
> of the Mayor of Fort
> Peters, if memory serves." Osiris says, and then
> looks squarely at Talas. 
> "But I'm sure your memory is much better than ours,
> Talas."
> [/Osiris]
> [Alister]
> "This is a nice reunion," Alister says, "but I think
> we may want to postpone
> the upcoming wedding until after we help our
> friends."
> [/Alister]
Talas walks up to Louissa and puts out a hand to help
her up. Once Louissa is on her feet Talas starts to
speak. "Lady Louissa, I am Honored that you have
chosen to help us. But I fear that this is no task for
a novice. We have lost a good number of highly skilled
and trained people already. If you look around you
will see that Mr. Bongo is no longer with us." Talas
pauses for a moment then begins again. "I know you
wish to help, but if you feel the need to cry out from
being struck by that small energy bolt then you are
not yet ready to be here. Plus if you were to come
with us I would be too worried about your safety to
properly do my job. I know it is not what you wish to
here, but the best way for you to help is for you to
go back home were I will know that you are safe... I
will return to you if I can." Talas then looks around
the deck of the ship at the captain and the crew and
then turn back to Louissa "besides if you were to stay
here you have to stand for the crime of impersonating
a member of the 'king’s armed forces'. And I know you
do not wish to spend time in prison for that. Do you?"

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