[Taocow PBEM] Fwd: Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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Fri May 16 21:29:27 BST 2008

Oops, sent this to just Aaron by mistake:

Begin forwarded message:

>>>> [Alex]
>>>> "Don't you have some way of netting him or stunning him with  
>>>> magic?" the
>>>> Coalition ranger asks
>>>> [/Alex]
> [Sia]
> "No more than you can stun him with that gun!  Complex incantations  
> take more time than we had!" she replies testily, then runs over to  
> subdue the presumed attacker.
> [/Sia]
>>> [GM]
>>> He lifts his hands to ward off another attack, only to reveal that  
>>> he is a
>>> she!  It's a young woman, and not just any woman, but the mayor of  
>>> Fort
>>> Peters, who some of the company had met a few nights before at the  
>>> banquet,
>>> and who Talas had had tryst with.
>>> "Pl...please don't hurt me any more." she whimpers.  "I only came  
>>> to help,
>>> and to be with my beloved."
>>> [/GM]
> [Sia]
> Sialillion looks down at the girl, quite taken aback.  She just  
> zapped the mayor of Fort Peters's daughter.  Not good!  "Lady  
> Louissa!  What on earth are you doing here!?  I nearly.. I was sure  
> you were an agent of..."
> She trails off noticing all eyes on her and the girl she just  
> blasted with her energy bolt.
> Gulp.
> "Medic!" she cries.
> She looks around guiltily.  "We're all jumpy...  when I saw her  
> jumping towards the launch I was sure she was another agent of the  
> Reaver."  Then adds in a scolding tone to Louissa, "What are you  
> doing sneaking aboard a military vessel anyway!?  Our kingdom is in  
> flames, invaded by a host of demons, and you're chasing after your  
> 'beloved'?"  Sialillion is clearly flustered, and her stress and  
> exhaustion are showing a chink in her normally cool and collected  
> exterior.
> "What man is worth it, girl?  You should be with your father!  Your  
> people need you!"   As she speaks she undoes the girl's uniform to  
> examine the extent of the damage her spell did, and rummages in her  
> backpack for her mini first aid kit.
> "And which of you sailors," she adds, addressing the crew but not  
> Talas or her other party members, "led this poor girl here to join  
> us on this perilous journey?"
> [/Sia]

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