[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

Aaron Corley marjannec at netzero.net
Fri May 23 15:11:04 BST 2008

"Genetically engineered by humans," the lizard man replied. "As mortal as both of you."

-- "Koba Rowers" <koba.rowers at gmail.com> wrote:
"100% Human my friends. Ted, I don't think that rifle is going to help any. Frost said that there was a commotion on the ship. Maybe something was following us." With that Koba clears his throat as he turns and faces the door. He raises his voice to respond to the booming voice doing his best not to sound as nervous as he is. "I address Akirax. We are those who represent people living in this land you once protected from the demons. This area was once made safe due to your courage and skill. It had become a place for the innocent to build lives under your protection. Now a new threat has introduced itself, and those innocent are again suffering under the hands of the demons and their servants. We do not knowingly bring a demon to your home, but they are inescapable these days. You once acted in a time of great need as a hero and a champion, but again the people and the land call for their defender. We humbly ask for your skill and wisdom once again." With that Koba swallows hard against the lump in his throat and gives a reverent bow. Peeking back at Ted and Carlos, he quickly motions them to do the same. 

Ted lowers his rifle as his companion spoke. When Koba finished his entreaty, the lizard man adds, "Amen," half expecting the great warrior's spirit to appear.

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