[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVI - Into The Southlands

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Utterly shocked that he forgot about the staff he picked up in the square,
Koba rustles through his possessions and finds the bag he placed the staff
in. Koba sets the bag on the dusty floor by his feet. He is both embarrassed
and terrified that the voice now believes he may be related to these minions
of the demon. "Apologies. You were right, but it was not brought here for a
nefarious purpose. We came into possession of this only to prevent those who
would use it as a weapon to spread evil and pain. Now that we know what it
really contains, we only wish its evil destroyed. If it is your wish I will
remove it from this place and not return, but I guess it serves as proof
that the minions and demons of the K'murd-faka have returned to this land."

With that Koba swallows hard and hopes not to be destroyed out of spite.

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[Carlos] "Koba, I think you better get our of here quickly." [/Carlos]

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> Suddenly the voice speaks again.  "A vision, you say? 
> Perhaps you do not know of the evil you bring.  Someone here
> possesses a staff that contains some of the essence of
> Glathrak, a demon minion of the K'murd-faka. But you
> must provide the key.  Only then will it be shown to be
> true."
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