[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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> > [GM]
> > Waving off any questions, Om continues.  "I was... um... told you were all
> > coming this way.  You certainly did seem in need of some assistance, to be
> > sure, and you all look very very tired.  Come come!  Sit down.  I have prepared
> > a meal as best I could.  If something disagrees with you, please let me know.
> > I have not cooked for anyone else in some time."
> >
> > He leads them to the chairs.  In the middle is a table with a couple of roasted
> > wild pigs, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and tall bottles with
> > some sort of
> > Dwarven runes on them.
> >
> > Om doesn't take a seat but stands near the pool, his large toes curling up as
> > if they are roots.  "Now, I'm sure you have plenty of questions, so eat and ask
> > them!"
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted stands back, waiting for the others to act. He has plenty of questions, but
> he does not know yet if he can trust this creature's answers.
> [/Ted]

Amanda does the same, eying this strange creature very suspiciously.  "I've seen
some strange things in my time.." she whispers.

> [Carlos]
> After digging in to the meal, Carlos asks, "How did you know we where coming?
> Any visions?"
> [/Carlos]

Alister joins Carlos, and cuts off a nice piece of pork, seemingly
unfazed by any
of it.

Om looks at Carlos a little puzzled.  "If you mean I saw someone who told me,
yes, I guess so.  The birds and beasts of this forest are my friends, and I know
their secret tongues.  They told me that a company was coming south.  I already
knew from my contacts to the North that there were strangers in the Kingdom,
and the name Rath-Iren had been mentioned."

For a moment Om's eyes look downward, and an expression of deep sadness
comes across his face.  "I was there at the last of the ancient battles between
the Primordials, when the K'murd-faka were called from their realms
in Hades, and given power far beyond their stature.  I was there when the Lady
cast the Chaos Primordials into the Outer Darkness and destroyed their filthy
minions, and she uttered the prophecy that one of the K'murd-Faka would rise
again and would seek a world of great power and their tip the delicate balances
that permit the existence of the Megaverse as a fortress against the ocean of
chaos that lies without it."

Om looks up again and smiles.  "But that is a sad story.  And though the
Megaverse grows dark again, there's hope, for I think (though I cannot know
for certain) that you are the fulfilers of the Prophecy of the Lady."

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