[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

Alex Bayne hayden.bayne at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 22:10:47 GMT 2008

>> [GM]
> Unless there are no other questions, Om allows the company to finish  
> their meals
> and then shows them to some very comfortable looking beds with wide  
> pillows and
> soft mattresses.  Om wishes them a good night, and the company sees  
> him return
> to Osiris.
> [/GM]

Sialillion, exhausted, says little during the proceedings.   When  
directed to the beds, she says, "I prefer to meditate."  She pulls a  
one person tent of Northern Gun make from her backpack, which sets up  
within about ten seconds.  She sets a small cushion inside the tent,  
zips the enclosure closed, and spends the night seemingly in a deep  
meditative trance.  When she emerges, she seems quite refreshed.

OOC:  How many hours of rest do we get?

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