[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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> [Alex]
> Alex begins to get up and starts getting ready her gear, "First time I
> have had a chance to get a reasonable night sleep in what seems like
> forever."
> Alex looks through the maps and asks more questions about specific
> locations and about what is eatable and what is not.
> [/Alex]

Om looks at the maps.  "Yes, those seem close to what I remember."  He
points to the location of Rath-iren.  "There it is." he says.  "Be very
cautious, this map, like most, doesn't show the dangers that lurk there. 
A vast swamp surrounds Rath-iren.  You might almost call it an island, a
rocky and mountainous one, in the midst of the swamp.  There are many paths,
most leading to dead ends, or worse, ends that lead to death!  There are
strange beasts that swim in its waters, some that might find some
adventurers from the north a tasty morsel.  Only two sure roads lead to the
Temple.  The one is the main causeway, built by the K'murd-faka many years
ago.  It is the easier, and would be fatal.  The other is to go to the south
of the swamps, where a wide river feeds it.  Look for two standing stones
that look like fingers.  Between them is a narrow path that leads up into
the rugged hills that overlook the southern end of the tunnel.  Many years
ago it had not been discovered by the K'murd-faka, but who knows, long years
have past since then."

He thinks to himself for a moment.  "As to what to eat, most of the wildlife
is fine.  Stay away from mushrooms and fungi.  In a pinch there is the Gauza
fruit, which is white and as big as a man's fist.  It is a sour fruit, but

> [Talas]
> In the morning when he gets up Talas checks over his equipment, and then
> goes to do the same with Louissa's equipment and armour. This will be the
> first time Talas will have has a chance to examine Louissa's equipment
> since she joined them.
> [/Talas]

Louissa seems well armed.  She has a JA-12 Laser Rifle [Juicer Uprising
p.76], a Triax TX-30 Ion Pulse Rifle [Triax p.145], seven replacement
e-clips, a .45 automatic with a box of clips, a survival knife, two week's
rations, Dead Boy armor (painted in Poughkeepsie's colors), as well a spare
change of clothes, blanket, small collapsable tent and a few personal odds
and ends.

Louissa looks amused as Talas goes through her things.

> [Talas]
> After finishing with Louisa's equipment Talas turns to her
> gives her a hug then with his hands on her shoulders he takes a step back so
> to see her clearly "Lady Louissa I admire your bravery in all that has
> happened. But you and I both know that you are not a warrior. You hear what
> Om said. This The was the leader of many a legion in Hadeis... This is not a
> safe quest for someone as inexperienced as yourself, and no one would think
> any less of you if you to see reason and stay here were it is safe."
> [/Talas]

Louissa's face reddens and she looks away, looking very much like a teenage
girl, and not a hardened adventurer like the Demon Queller.  Still, when she
answers, there is determination in her voice.  "In the beginning, I was
coming mainly because of you, Talas.  But now I feel like... well... like
I've got some part to play in this.  If I was still back in Poughkeepsie, I,
along with all the other nobleladies, old people and children, would be sent
to the caves.  If we fought at all, it would only be in a final act of
desperation.  With you and your companions, I can strike a blow at our
enemy.  I'm not staying here."

> [Koba]
> It is only a few times in recent memory that Koba has awoken in such
> gentile peace and tranquiltiy. Only after fully awakening from the morning
> daze does he realise how long it might be before he has another night like
> last night. It's an uneasy feeling knowing that you are about to head out
> from what seams like the safest place since your baby crib to the day
> where it is likely you may not see the sun set again. Koba enjoys the
> filling breakfast but is not in the mood for lively conversation. The
> upcoming hours are heavy on his mind. Before setting out, he takes a final
> inventory of his items and latches them securely together. Tightening the
> bandolier across his armor and rearanging the e-clips in the belt for easy
> access. Comming across the camera stowed away in a clip holder, he takes
> the few minutes he has to doccument the area, the rooms, and OM himself
> before replacing it in the holder and hefting his pack. It is time to head
> out again.
> [/Koba]

Amanda looks around.  "And what of Osiris?"

Om's face turns dark.  "I have not restored him, save in body." he says
slowly.  "It is up to you whether you wish to take him.  He can remain here,
and maybe some true healing will come to him."  Om claps his hands loudly,
and one of the doors swings open.

Osiris, aged warrior and hero, appears, standing tall, leaning on a carved
wooden staff.  He is packed, his guns holstered, and looks ready to leave
immediately.  At first glance he seems little different than he was before
the misadventure on the island.

But his eyes are different, they're sunken, they look upon his companions,
but don't seem to register.  It's as if he's looking at a room full of

"I... am ready." he says.  "It has been long years since I journied into the
Southlands.  He looks to Amanda, "I have seen you in a dream." he says.  "A
dream during my sleep.  I am Barnabas, Quinton David Barnabas, at your
service m'lady..."  He turns to Lady Sia, Lady Louissa and Alex and bows
again, "And at your service as well."

Om shakes his head sadly.  "It is not a madness, I think, not even a
delusion.  He is possessed, though it's an odd demon who goes by the name
Quinton David Barnabas.  As I said, I did the best I could, but it is not
your friend who looks through those eyes."
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