[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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Wed Nov 19 21:37:34 GMT 2008

Sialillion spends the early part of the day eating (vegetarian only),  
gathering her things, packing her bags, charging e-clips, etc.  She  
listens intently, but speaks little.  She has an enigmatic smile on  
her face... there's a certain undefinable spark of heightened  
awareness about her this morning.

Anyone very very perceptive might notice that she is wearing a ring  
that she wasn't wearing before.

On Nov 19, 2008, at 3:54 PM, Aaron Clausen wrote:

>> [Osiris]
>> Osiris, aged warrior and hero, appears, standing tall, leaning on a  
>> carved
>> wooden staff.  He is packed, his guns holstered, and looks ready to  
>> leave
>> immediately.  At first glance he seems little different than he was  
>> before
>> the misadventure on the island.
>> But his eyes are different, they're sunken, they look upon his  
>> companions,
>> but don't seem to register.  It's as if he's looking at a room full  
>> of
>> strangers.
>> "I... am ready." he says.  "It has been long years since I journied  
>> into the
>> Southlands.  He looks to Amanda, "I have seen you in a dream." he  
>> says.  "A
>> dream during my sleep.  I am Barnabas, Quinton David Barnabas, at  
>> your
>> service m'lady..."  He turns to Lady Sia, Lady Louissa and Alex and  
>> bows
>> again, "And at your service as well."
>> [/Osiris]
>> [GM]
>> Om shakes his head sadly.  "It is not a madness, I think, not even a
>> delusion.  He is possessed, though it's an odd demon who goes by  
>> the name
>> Quinton David Barnabas.  As I said, I did the best I could, but it  
>> is not
>> your friend who looks through those eyes."
>> [/GM]

Sia sizes up Osiris.  "Quinton David Barnabas... I remember the name  
from the legends I heard as part of the king's court.  It is the name  
of one of the heroes that faced the Reaver in ancient times, during  
the apocalypse.  But I always thought it a myth."  She addresses the  
rest of the group.  "Do you suppose it's possible that whatever  
happened back in that control room instilled Osiris with the spirit  
with that man?  And what of the ley lines bending as it happened?"   
She looks deep in thought, and seems to be examining Osiris intently.

"In any case, although we may not have Osiris back, I have a feeling  
that whoever he is, he is a force for good.  We will take him with us,  

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