[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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"I know not to question the use of magic items by those who understand the
nature of magic itself. Tools are tools for evil or good, but at times I
wonder if the power of such items causes their users to change or if it has
some kind of evil built into it. You know what you're doing Sia."

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> [Sia]
> Sialillion seems taken aback at first, then regards Ted with a
> nonplussed expression.  She sighs, and addresses the group.
> "Very well... I had hoped to broach this more delicately but there is
> little point pretending otherwise now... I spent the evening examining
> the ring that we acquired from Bruth, and I am in the process of
> mastering its powers.  I believe that it will help us.  Now, I realize
> that this is the same ring that Bruth used when he did... whatever it
> is he did to Bongo.  But the ring is merely a tool, and in my hands it
> will be a force for good.  In fact, from my examination, I believe
> that Bongo was not killed, but was instead sent through some kind of
> portal.  Given time I may be able to return him to us."
> She looks each member of the party in the eye, in particular Lady
> Frost, who she vividly remembers pounding Bruth into a fine paste not
> long ago.  She gulps looking at her but otherwise maintains a quiet
> confidence.
> "Any objections?"
> [/Sia]
> On Nov 19, 2008, at 7:07 PM, Aaron Corley wrote:
> > [Ted]
> > OOC: I'll bite...
> >
> > IC: "Gee, Sia," Ted says, "You look chipper this morning. I noticed
> > the ring. Did you get engaged last night?"
> > [/Ted]
> >
> > -- Alex Bayne <hayden.bayne at gmail.com> wrote:
> > [Sia]
> > Anyone very very perceptive might notice that she is wearing a ring
> > that she wasn't wearing before.
> > [/Sia]
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