[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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"It would be a good idea to commandeer all three of these vehicles.  Even if
the party could fit inside just one, by using both we could cannibalize the
other for parts in case it breaks down.  Also, having a skycycle for escort
would be a great advantage.  Rooks makes a good scout, but I'm afraid he is
not much of a fighter."  The crow is perched on Sialillion's shoulder and
gives a caw in response.  Sialillion fishes an earthworm from a pocket
somewhere in her cloak and holds it out to Rooks as a treat.  He gobbles it
up greedily.   "So, who among you can drive?  I confess it's something I
never had much aptitude for."

"And what of Osiris?  Soldier," she says addressing the guard in the
warehouse with them, "our brave Cyberknight companion was hurt on the way
here.  What medical facilties are still available?"  Whatever the soldier's
response, if they seem adequate to the task of reviving Osiris, Sialillion
will request the guard help her deliver Osiris there.

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> Aaron Deskins wrote:
> > [Carlos] At mention of the Skycycle, Carlos perks up. Back in Chi-town,
> his hovercycle was his standard means of transportation. "Perhaps we can see
> these vehicles?" [/Carlos]
> >
> [Alex]
> "I had one as well until we had to escape from teh ruins of Old Chicago
> in such a hurry," Alex states
> [/Alex]
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