[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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> > [GM]
> > Perhaps forty feet down the company finds themselves in a large
> > underground warehouse, at least two hundred feet across by half
> > that wide.  Despite the size, only about half of the space is
> > occupied.
> >
> > "This was an ancient hiding place," the soldier explains, "back in the
> > days of the American Empire.  They say it was built so the rulers
> > of Old New York could flee in case of attack.  Don't suppose they ever
> > reached here when the Apocalypse destroyed the city, 'cause there
> > were only a few crates of papers when we discovered it a few years
> > ago.  We keep it as an armory now."
> >
> > It's a pitiful armor, with maybe a dozen boxes of energy weapons,
> > e-clips and grenades.  There is, however, a couple of Mountaineer
> > ATVs, both in reasonably good repair, and even a Coalition Skycycle,
> > still with it's original paint job, save where an obvious repair to the
> > rear jets has been made.
> >
> > "We had word yesterday, before the flood," the soldier says to Sia,
> > "that you and some other folks might be heading this way.  We don't
> > have much right now, but you're free to have what you might find
> > useful."
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "Have the others arrived yet?" Ted asks, wondering who they might be.
> [/Ted]

"Nope." the guard says.  "Wouldn't surprise me if they were delayed.  I'm
amazed your company made it through."

> [Carlos]
> At mention of the Skycycle, Carlos perks up. Back in Chi-town, his
> hovercycle was his standard means of transportation. "Perhaps we
> can see these vehicles?"
> [/Carlos]

"Take what you need." the guard says.  "When the others come, they'll
likely be bringing more equipment.  Word is that there's some invading
force coming out of the south.  Maybe those crazy buggers from

[Amanda Connors]
"Madhattan?" Amanda asks.  Then she just shakes her head.  "Never
[/Amanda Connors]

> [Alex]
> "I had one as well until we had to escape from the ruins of Old Chicago
> in such a hurry," Alex states
> [/Alex]

> [Ted]
> "An aerial escort would certainly present an advantage," the lizard man
> states. "Are Sky-cycles difficult to ride? Perhaps I could take one as well."
> [/Ted]

"You guys will have to flip for it." the guard says.  "It's the only one we have

> [Sia]
> "It would be a good idea to commandeer all three of these vehicles.  Even if
> the party could fit inside just one, by using both we could cannibalize the
> other for parts in case it breaks down.  Also, having a skycycle for escort
> would be a great advantage.  Rooks makes a good scout, but I'm afraid he is
> not much of a fighter."  The crow is perched on Sialillion's shoulder and
> gives a caw in response.  Sialillion fishes an earthworm from a pocket
> somewhere in her cloak and holds it out to Rooks as a treat.  He gobbles it
> up greedily.   "So, who among you can drive?  I confess it's something I
> never had much aptitude for."
> "And what of Osiris?  Soldier," she says addressing the guard in the
> warehouse with them, "our brave Cyberknight companion was hurt on the way
> here.  What medical facilties are still available?"  Whatever the soldier's
> response, if they seem adequate to the task of reviving Osiris, Sialillion
> will request the guard help her deliver Osiris there.
> [/Sia]

"Well here," the soldiers says, "our clinic is sitting in the river.
About the best
I can do is get him on the transport to Fort Peters.  If he's really badly hurt,
he'll get sent on to Poughkeepsie.  Sorry, but this place is a wash out, pardon
the pun."

> [Talas]
> Talas just stands back and lets the others get over there excitement over the
> machines and come to a consensus on what the group will be taking.
> In his many years of training the only thing he ever learned to ride was a horse.
> Just like the one that's still waiting for him in Ireland, 20 years or so from now.
> [/Talas]

> [Carlos]
> "I should be able to handle the vehicles."
> [/Carlos]

"And I'm no slouch at keeping things working." Alister says.  "Or even
making them better."

> [Koba]
> With transports waiting in the docking bay, Koba becomes relieved at the
> fact that he won't be on board another ship after that horrendous ride
> through the storm. If he never rids another boat on the open ocean, he will
> be very happy. "Let me take a look at these and see if these are roadworthy,
> or airworthy." With that he will see if he can get a diagnostic from the
> computer and assess their function.
> [/Koba]

As Koba and Alister checks the vehicles out, theu notice a Wastelander
motorcycle off in one corner.  Unlike the other vehicles, this one looks very
recently used, with mud and dust on it.

Alister looks at the bike and feels the engine compartment.  "This bike was
used no more than a few hours ago.  It's still warm."

The guard looks shocked, and then one hand moves to his holster and the
other to his lips to single silence.  He looks the storage area over, and mouths
"Someone's here."

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