[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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'Never a dull moment...' Sialillion muses to herself, realizing that  
she still hasn't had a chance to rest since their flight from  
Poughkeepsie hours ago.  Sialillion readies her Wilk's 447 laser  
rifle, and with a wave of her hand, she casts Sense Evil to see if it  
might point her in any direction.   She also has Rooks fly from her  
shoulder to some high and shadowy perch in the room, hopefully out of  

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> [Koba]
> Noticing the worry and alarm in the guard's voice, Koba reaches for  
> and unholsters his pistol. With it at the ready, Koba scans the area  
> peers around on the ceiling for anything out of the ordinary.
> [/Koba]
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> The lizard man draws his sword and then prowls around to where the  
> guard had been looking.
> [/Ted]
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> [GM]
> The guard looks shocked, and then one hand moves to his holster and  
> the other to his lips to single silence.  He looks the storage area  
> over, and mouths "Someone's here."
> [/GM]
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