[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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As Carlos' blast hit the cealing, Koba instinctivley ducked his head.
Discression and subtlety is not in his vocabulary as Koba is slowly
realsing. It's amazing he's kept alive this long. Koba replaces the pistol
in his holster and gives the stranger a good once over. "Well, I am going to
say we were near those ley line when they converged, but I wouldn't say we
made them move. More like they came to get us. We did our best to get away
from them, and I'm not excited to be near them when that happens again. Who
did you say sent you to meet us?"
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> [Alex]
> The red haired woman is wearing Coalition body armor and is carrying a
> heavy rifle. She looks over this new person. "You were told to meet us?"
> [/Alex]
> A Gardner wrote:
> > [Stranger]
> >
> >  "My, it seems that  you are all a jumpy lot.    Here I am, enjoying a
> > nap, and y'all come in with at least 4 weapons trained on little old
> > me.  But, then again, being jumpy might be a good way to stay alive
> > if you might be the ones I was told to meet."
> >
> > Smiling wryly, he asks "Was it you all that made those ley lines move?
> > Pretty nifty trick.
> > My name is Owen.  What brings you here?"
> >
> > OOC:  Good to be here!
> > [/Stranger]
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