[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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> > > [Carlos]
> > > "Great. Just when things were getting settled a little, someone has to
> > > mess it up." Carlos gets his rifle out and fires a shot up in the air. "That
> > > should get some attention around here."
> > > [/Carlos]

> > [Alister]
> > "Shit!" Alister shouts, putting his hands over his head.  "That is NOT
> > good for my health."
> > [/Alister]

> > [Stranger]
> > Suddenly a man stands up behind some crates against the back wall
> > and says "What brings you here, my friends?  I am waiting here for someone,"
> > and pointing at the Ted, "and you were in my dreams."
> >
> > The stranger is about five and a half feet tall, with blond hair, brown eyes and
> > of average looks and medium build.
> > [/Stranger]

> [Ted]
> Ted shakes his head. *How many dream-crazed wackos can one world hold?*
> The lizard man keeps his sword ready, just in case.
> [/Ted]

> [Stranger]
> "My, it seems that  you are all a jumpy lot.    Here I am, enjoying a nap, and
> y'all come in with at least 4 weapons trained on little old me.  But, then again,
>  being jumpy might be a good way to stay alive if you might be the ones I
>  was told to meet."
> Smiling wryly, he asks "Was it you all that made those ley lines move? Pretty
> nifty trick.  My name is Owen.  What brings you here?"
> [/Owen]

> [Alex]
> The red haired woman is wearing Coalition body armor and is carrying a
> heavy rifle. She looks over this new person. "You were told to meet us?"
> [/Alex]

> [Koba]
> As Carlos' blast hit the ceiling, Koba instinctivley ducks his head.
> Discretion and subtlety is not in his vocabulary as Koba is slowly
> realizing. It's amazing he's kept alive this long. Koba replaces the pistol
> in his holster and gives the stranger a good once over. "Well, I am going to
> say we were near those ley line when they converged, but I wouldn't say we
> made them move. More like they came to get us. We did our best to get away
> from them, and I'm not excited to be near them when that happens again. Who
> did you say sent you to meet us?"
> [/Koba]

> [Sia]
> The lady elf standing nearby is about six feet tall, skinny, long-
> limbed, and naturally beautiful even for her race, despite a wardrobe
> of rumpled traveling gear.   Her skin is pale and flawless, with long
> and wavy coal black hair, a slightly upturned nose, and pretty sea
> green eyes, currently contorted into a scowl.  (note: pb 60% charm/
> impress) She's wearing an ankle-length black cloak covered in ashy
> stains, with a mottled white and grey fur lining on the inside.
> Underneath the cloak a chitinous matte black breastplate with matching
> arm and leg guards, possibly made from fury beetle shell, can be
> seen.   A tattoo of what looks like a black tentacle curls up her neck
> from underneath the breastplate, ending just behind her right ear.
> She currently has a Wilk's 447 laser rifle (also black) aimed squarely
> at this new stranger.
> The woman's stance is slightly shaky though, her eyes and posture
> clearly betraying that she is suffering from exhaustion.  Whatever her
> part in the events of this evening, they have clearly pushed her
> beyond her limits, but she is soldiering on regardless.  Sialillion
> does her best to stare Owen down, but she's blinking away the sleep,
> looking edgy and tired.
> "You're lucky to still have your head, sneaking up on us like that-
> we've had quite enough surprises for one day!" she bellows at Owen.
> "Now, if you want us to trust you worth a damn and not simply have you
> locked up for trespassing on the King's armory, you'll tell us exactly
> what brought you here and why you were looking for us."
> [/Sia]

[Amanda Connors]
"Is there anybody that *doesn't* know about us?" Amanda asks as she
shifts into her icy form.

Where a young beautiful woman stood is now an majestic, queen-like
figure looking as if she were carved from ice, her skin bluish-white and
wisps of freezing air coiling off of her.
[/Lady Frost]

Even as the company tries to sort out this new arrival, there's a squawk
from the guard's radio.  He speaks in low tones for a few moments, his voice
becoming more frantic.  Snatches of phrases "how long... where...
reinforcements" can be heard.

Finally the soldier looks up.  "Under other circumstances I'd say we question
this fellow, but we've got a serious problem.  Our scouts have spotted a large
force coming from the south.  They're maybe a half-day from the Last Bridge.
If you're thinking about leaving the kingdom, I'd say don't, but if you're gonna
anyways, then I'd say you'd best get across the Last Bridge by no later than
noon, 'cause we're gonna blow it up."

The soldier looks at Owen and then to the Elvin lady.  "Lady Sialillion, I can
arrest this man for trespassing if you'd like."

"I'm thinking if he's looking for us, we need to question him." Alister says.
"Maybe his story's the same as mine, or maybe Koba's.  We seem to be
here for a reason, that's for sure."

OOC: I'm assuming that our good cyberknight Osiris was left on the boat
with Lady Louissa, since I doubt anyone would have dragged him here, but
if someone did, then speak up.

Aaron Clausen
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