[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVII - On The Border Of Doom

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"Well, it is a hard thing to deal with those who don't know how to go along
with the team, but in this case we can not leave them here. Leaving the
young lady alone with an invasion force is not what I would consider to be
chivilirous, nor would leaving Osiris here either. I say we should take them
with us. There is room for Osiris in our truck.  Lets gather as many
supplies we can get from the boat before we head out and get across that
bridge as soon as we can."

Koba looks over at Owen, "If you can help the poor man, please do. He is
struggling, but has no wounds I can see."

Koba will head out to the boat to salvage what he can before they head out.

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> [Alex]
> "Who is she and why has she chosen me," comes out in a teasing voice.
> "Somehow, I dodn't think you are talking about the Virgin."
> [/Alex]
> Troy Imlach wrote:
> > [Talas]
> > Talas gives a small smirk in reply to the comments about the girl.
> > Then replies "I have to agree with Lady Sialillion, We can ill afford to
> leave behind anyone who has been chosen for this quest. One should never
> mess with prophesy."
> > Talas then giving a small sigh of exasperation and continues, "And I have
> come across many young ladies such as Lady Louissa, in my travels. Only
> thoughs of us who have been chosen by 'She' should go any further. But with
> an invasion force on its way here. Leaving Lady Louissa in the care of the
> local garrison my be detrimental to both Lady Louissa and the garrison once
> the invaders arrive."
> >
> > Talas posses in thought for a minute and then in a more serious tone,
> begins speaking again "Whether Lady Louissa stays here or comes with us, she
> will be in harms way. If left here she will be uncooperative, rebellious and
> difficult to control. If she comes with us she will be more cooperative and
> it my be easier to keep her controlled... It is my opinion that it my be
> safer for Lady Louissa to come with us at this time."
> > [/Talas]
> >
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