[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Everyone Else

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Ted, and those that follow him, find moving through the trees not too
difficult.  The ground slopes steadily downhill, but other than a few
vines, brambles and the odd fallen tree, the ground is fairly even.
Still, the trees are close enough together to make driving the ATVs
all but impossible.

As they walk on, they can hear the Skycycle some distance away, and a
few moments later, the screeches of the terrible flying things.  It
doesn't take much imagination to picture what is about to happen

Walking becomes a good deal tougher when they reach the swamp.  There
is no obvious path here, and it takes great care not to fall into
quick sand.  Only Alex's navigational skills [Land Navigation: 41%]
keeps them from becoming both hopelessly mired and hopelessly lost.

Though they have to wade at points, sometimes up to their chins, in
the foul waters of this swamp, they find they're making progress, and
the sounds of the battle become closer.

Suddenly, anyone with sixth sense feels it goes off.  There's danger
very close by...

OOC: I'm assuming whoever has 6th sense lets everyone else know.

Suddenly, there's a swishing of water, and Louissa let's out a short
cry, before being cut off.  She has been pulled under water!  A large,
muck-covered tentacle can briefly be seen, but there's no sign of the

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