[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Alex, O wen, Ted, Sia, Alister and Louissa

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~This better not be Cthulhu~, Ted thinks to himself as he changes direction and kicks with renewed determination to rescue Louissa.

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Ted dives beneath the surface, followed by Owen [OOC: and others if
that's the case].  The water is incredibly murky, and seeing is quite
difficult, no more than a two or three feet, particularly with all the
disturbance from the attack.

For about ten or fifteen feet, the water is no more than about five
feet deep, but then, quite suddenly, it drops off and there seems to
be no bottom in sight.  It seems an impossible rescue in these
conditions, but then, suddenly, perhaps twenty feet below the surface,
there's a layer of clear water that, judging by the buoyancy, must be
saline.  Ted's light easily illuminates the flailing figure of
Louissa, held fast by a tentacle that seems to be coming from a large
cave opening at the bottom of the swamp, some sixty feet below the

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