[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Carlos, Talas and Koba

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 17 00:03:37 BST 2009

Apone seeing how effective the spell was on t he first creature. Talas casts carpet on Adhesion on the eyes of the second creature as well..
> > [Koba]
> > With the party ready to head out Koba takes a minute
> of concentration before
> > a crackling blue aura surrounds him giving off a
> strange crackling of
> > lightning and energy. As Talas and Carlos head off on
> the skycycle, Koba
> > fires up the jetpack and heads on a parallel course as
> low as he can until
> > he is well within rifle range. As the two flying
> creatures head towards the
> > Skycycle, Koba pulls up out of the shrubs and lets
> loose with a burst at the
> > nearest creature trying to split up the two. [Strike:
> 17]
> > [/Koba]
> [Flying Creature #2]
> The closest flying creature, being completely blind, is
> unaware it even needs
> to dodge, and Koba's shot hits it [Damage: 90MD].  The
> shot leaves visible
> injuries on its body, and it banks sharply away from the
> source of the shock
> and heads northward at stunning speeds, in apparent
> retreat, leaving only
> its companion.
> [/Flying Creature #2]
> OOC: And on to round 2.

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