[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XVIII - Into The Heart Of Darkness - Alex

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OOC: A slight addition because of how combat against the flying
creatures is going...

>> > [Ted]
>> > "We need to get closer. All of us," Ted states solemnly. "This is
>> > indeed the monster we seek. Its going to take everything we
>> > have to bring him down."
>> >
>> > The lizard man checks the e-clip in his rifle and begins making
>> > his way through the trees, hoping the others will follow.
>> > [/Ted]

>> [Alex]
>> Hawk offers, "I can give support at range if needed?" She switches
>> to her JA-12 Rifle
>> [/Alex]

> [Alister]
> As Alister heads off to follow the others, he turns around.  "Good idea.
> Keep in contact!"
> [/Alister]

> [GM]
> Soon enough the rest of the party has once again left Alex.  She watches
> the airshow as Koba, Carlos and Talas battle the flying creatures, and
> also watches as the demon's army pretty much mops the floor with Lady
> Frost's own troops.  The demon finally breaks the icy jail that has encased
> it, and now turns its attention to the battle in the air.
> The demon raises its hands, and a green hallow of force can be seen
> circling him.  Alex doesn't need to know there's imminent danger for
> her companions up there in the sky.

At the same time as the demon starts looking towards Carlos, Talas and
Koba, one of the flying creatures, now apparently as disabled as the other,
starts flying directly towards Alex's position.
> [/GM]

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