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OOC: Many apologies for the additional delay.  I've been sick (no, I
don't think it's swine flu, just enormous tonsils) for the last few

> > [Round 3]
> >
> > OOC: This pretty much involves Alex at this point, so I'm going to
> > redo initiative including her.
> >
> > [Initiative]
> > Alex - 14
> > Koba - 12
> > Carlos - 9
> > Flying Creature - 4
> > Talas - 1
> > [/Initiative]
> >
> > OOC: And Talas wins again...
OOC: But is nowhere to be found, so I'm going to bump him to the bottom

> [Alex]
> Alex opens fire on the flying creature. [Strike: 2]
> [/Alex]

Alex's shot goes completely awry.

> [Koba]
> Seeing the shot hit his target but do little to stop the creature is
> disappointing. Looking back down the scope, Koba takes an aimed
> shot at the creature's wing to try to knock it down.  [Strike: 7]
> [/Koba]

The shot misses the wing, and despite the fact that the creature's
blind, it's moving fast enough that Koba's shot misses it entirely.

Carlos, catching on to Koba's idea, fires a mini-missile at the
creature's wing [Strike: 16].  This shot does much better than either
Koba's or Alex's, strikes the wing [Damage: 60MD].

[Flying Creature]
The wing is shredded by the missile.  The creature squawks
pitifully and then crashes to the ground, not more than fifty feet from
[/Flying Creature]

[OOC: End of combat]

The other flying creature, still blinded, is still moving northwards,
and away from just about everyone.  These minions of the demon,
at least, have been defeated, but it's clear as they look across the
swamp to the battlefield, that it is meaningless.  The rest of the
company has not made it there to rescue Lady Frost, and in fact,
can't be seen at all in the thick mists.

They see some of the blue-skinned dwarfs hoist up Lady Frost's
body, now flesh and blood instead of ice.  It's too far away to tell
the extent of her injuries.  The K'murd-faka, finally free of the ice,
steps down and grabs her like a rag doll, and slings her over
its shoulder, as another one of the flying creatures swoops down
towards the demon.

Lady Frost has been captured.

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