[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

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> > [GM]
> > Koba seems temporarily unconscious, but in moments what he was looking
> > at is revealed.  The door opens up and reveals a young brunette haired woman,
> > a young man who looks to be a Cyberknight, and another man, African
> > by appearance, in what looks like some sort of medieval armor with a
> > lion crest emblazoned on it.  The African man whispers something inaudible
> > to his companions.
> > [/GM]

> [Koba]
> With his companions now at arms reach, he feels a little more safe exposing
> himself to these three strangers. After drudging through the swamp and
> seeing nothing but demons and witches, Koba pauses as he sees humans once
> again. The sight of a cyberknight (or at least someone impersonating one)
> does hold his trigger finger from starting another fight.  Koba with rifle
> in hand comes around the corner into the doorway in full view of the three.
> "The demon or at least what is left of him. Where did he go? He was carried
> by that flying beast through here. Quickly, where is it?"
> [/Koba]

> [Owen]
> Owen will also move to defend, aiming his rifle at the doorway and listening to
> the others as they head down the stairs to speak with the newcomers.
> [/Owen]

> [Alex]
> The flame haired green eyed scout locks her eyes on the one who looks
> like a Cyberknight. "Who are you people?" she asks. There is a slightly
> breathless quality to her tone.
> [/Alex]

One of the strange submarine crew members points to them.  "They're members
of our crew.  The woman is named Raven and she was picked up a day or two
ago.  The others are Sir Lyle Tamblin and Sir Owen Zandeeli, both
trusted crewmen."

OOC: I'd like to introduce our two new players, White Mist and Rich.
Of course, your
characters don't know who they are yet, but to keep things clear, the
female you all
saw is played by White Mist while the Cyberknight (whose name is Sir
Lyle Tamblin)
is played by Rich.  The third character, the African in the somewhat
medieval looking
armor, is an NPC named Sir Owen Zandeeli.  Anyways, onwards we goooooo!!!!

> [Raven]
> Raven found it hard to follow the events that transpired. There was obviously a lot that
> was going on that had a story behind it, but she did not know what they were. Hopefully
> someone will shed some light on the bigger picture for her, but for now all she knew was
> that she needed to take the two knight's lead. Zandeeli and Lyle was whom she had her
> loyalties to.
> "What flying beast?" Raven asked loudly while she took a step to stand behind Lyle and
> Zandeeli. "The one that flew into the light?" She pointed to the celing. "A rift opened up
> around there not that long ago. It seemed artificial to me, like one who used magic to open
> it. It didn't last long... just long enough for someone to step through, and that's why I think
> that! Because... I can do it, too!"
> Raven scrunched up her face in a grimace. She shouldn't have said that.
> [/Raven]

Zandeeli, seeing among the gathering on the stairs, two members of the
sub's crew, says
to Raven and Lyle, "Clearly our shipmates have made new acquaintances
in our absense."
The African knight gives Raven a quick glance.

"I'm afraid we have no idea what you're talking about." Zandeeli says.
 "There's no demon
down here that we can tell."

It's at that moment that the ground begins to shake again, and the
sick-sweet feeling of
a nexus bursting to life overcomes the magic users and psychics.
Above the temple,
amongst the ruins, the blue dwarfs are joined by more of their number,
and they begin
marching on the temple.

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