[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

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> > [GM]
> > Now that a few of the creatures have demonstrated that the fire
> > isn't sufficient to harm at least the armored ones, several more
> > leap through.
> >
> > The two crewmen lay out covering fire, but one of them is hit by
> > a spear that pierces his armor and passes through his throat.
> >
> > The other crewman shouts out "Macpherson is down!  They've
> > broken the line.  We've got to get down!"  Before he can say
> > any more a shimmering arrow hits his arm, pierces the armor,
> > and as he tries to pull it out, there's a shockwave that knocks
> > Alex, Ted and Owen to the ground.  The remaining sub crewman
> > has literally been torn to pieces, and the three are covered in
> > blood and body parts.
> >
> > The ground is now rocking violently, and it's almost impossible
> > to stand.  Zandeeli shouts "Everyone in the room now!  If those
> > blue monsters catch us here, we're doomed!"
> >
> > Above, even as those at the top of the stairs try to recover from
> > the explosion, the first blue dwarfs are on the steps, fearsome
> > spears in hand and explosive arrows cocked.
> > [/GM]

> [Lyle]
> The ground is now rocking violently, and it's almost impossible
> to stand.  Zandeeli shouts "Everyone in the room now!  If those
> blue monsters catch us here, we're doomed!"
> His Psi-shield and sword flares to life. Keeping himself between the
> blue dwarves and the rest of the people he starts to back up towards
> the room. He looks over at the older Cyberknight that was being
> carried by the red haired woman. He does a double take and says
> "Osiris?"
> "Now would be a good time for a grenade or two, if you have 'em"
> [/Lyle]

> [Alex]
> "Get up, I did not give you permission to die," yells Alex at Osiris,
> echoing a drill instructor many years ago. She helps him back to his feet.
> Looking at the new knight, the scout tells him, "Give me a hand. he is
> one of your order." She will, with or without help, continue backing up
> into the chamber indicated.
> [/Alex]

Osiris stirs at Alex's commanding tone.  Weakly he tries to stand on his
own.  He looks over at the younger Cyberknight.  "Do I know you, lad?"
he asks almost inaudibly.  He then looks to Alex.  "We're in a spot of
trouble again, heh heh."

> [Ted]
> The lizard man fires into the mass of advancing troops, aiming
> specifically for those that seem most effected by the flame wall.
> After a three-round burst, he back-pedals down the stairs.
> [Strike: 16, Damage: 34MD]
> [/Ted]

Ted's burst hits a number of the dwarves.  Those that seemed
harmed by the fire are seriously wounded by his weapons fire,
and the rest slow down momentarily.

> [Owen]
> Seeing that the wall of fire has not slowed the Dwarves, Owen
> will Quickly move down the stairs to join the others, hoping to
> avoid the spears and arrows thrown as he moves.
> [/Owen]

> [Koba]
> With the sight of dwarves pouring through the fire, it suddenly becomes
> clear that the group is forced back deeper into the structure."Lets go
> everyone. Into the room we need to move out of here!" With that Koba taps
> Ted on the helmet and says, "Soon as everyone is in close and bar that
> door." Remembering the strength the lizard man had shown in the past.
> While the group funnels into the room, Koba starts a frantic search for an
> exit pathway, hallway, or tunnel that has not yet been filled with dwarves
> and gunfire for the group to escape down.
> [/Koba]

There appear to be none.  There's only the temple entrance, the stairs and
the door to the chamber below.

> [Ted]
> "Let us hope that my strength will be enough," the lizard man replied.
> [/Ted]

> [Talas]
> Talas sheaths his swords and quickly moves into the room with the
> others. And prepares to braise the door closed with his own strength.
> [/Talas]

> [Raven]
> Raven hopped deeper into the safety of the structure. At the threshold
> she hesitated and cast a spell. A sticky dark brown substance
> appeared on every surface within the spell's effect.
> "That should hold them for a while!" Raven yelled out and made a
> whooping sound. She ran past the threshold and deeper into the
> structure and into safety in numbers. "I have an idea, but I'm going
> to need time! I can teleport us all to safety, I think, but the best
> chance of success is where I know a ley line nexus to be! So that
> could be either above ground, near the temple, or far out to sea. I
> can check to see where we are about to teleport to and see if there's
>  danger. But this will drain me completely.."
> [/Raven]

The African knight nods furiously.  "I'd sooner we were drained of
psychic energy than blood.  Do what you must."

OOC: Now that everyone is inside the chamber, I'll just reiterate
its appearance.

The chamber is around and about forty feet in diameter, and ten feet high.
The walls and ceiling are made of a beaten bronze-like metal that reflects
light along its dimpled surface.  Along the wall, at even intervals, are nine
boxes that look a lot like sarcophagi, about seven feet tall.  Eight of the
sarcophagi are closed, but one is open.

In the center of the chamber is a round stone platform.  There may have
been writing on it at one time, but it is so cracked and worn that only
the faintest remnant of runic script and perhaps pictures can be seen.
Above it is a small hole in the ceiling, no more than an inch wide.  A
faint beam of bluish energy exits it and hits the table.  The energy
is clearly that of the ley line.

Talas and Ted brace the door closed, and beyond can be dimly heard
many of the blue devils.  There are shouts, clearly indicating that
Raven's trap has caught them.  Soon there are shouts of pain, and then
a few blood curdling cries.  Talas and Ted can feel the door shifting
even as the cries begin to die down.

Instead, they are replaced by a chant; "Imuz-faka... Imuz-k'murd...
Imuz-faka... Imuz-k'murd... Imuz-faka... Imuz-k'murd..."

The bluish energy coming through the keyhole in the ceiling suddenly
brightens many times, and as it hits the polished bronze walls and
ceiling, it becomes so bright it is painful to normal human eyes.  Soon
it will become damaging to any unprotected eyes, even reptilian eyes
like Ted's.

On the table, though it can hardly be seen, a humanoid form begins
to appear, though oddly shaped, for the legs and torso seem
separated from the chest and upper body.  Beyond it, the single
open sarcophagus begins to levitate off the ground.

The ground is shaking so violently now that the stone floor begins to
groan, and hairline fractures begin appearing in the door.

Suddenly there is the sound of laughter, vicious, wicked and utterly
inhuman.  "Well well well." the voice says.  "All my prey caught in
my nest.  Don't worry, I'll be along soon, and then my servants can
pick at your bones."

Aaron Clausen
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