[Taocow PBEM] Chapter XIX - Rath-Iren

Troy Imlach troy_a_i at yahoo.ca
Wed Aug 12 00:10:47 BST 2009

> [GM]
> The chamber is around and about forty feet in diameter, and
> ten feet high.
> The walls and ceiling are made of a beaten bronze-like
> metal that reflects
> light along its dimpled surface.  Along the wall, at
> even intervals, are nine
> boxes that look a lot like sarcophagi, about seven feet
> tall.  Eight of the
> sarcophagi are closed, but one is open.
> In the center of the chamber is a round stone
> platform.  There may have
> been writing on it at one time, but it is so cracked and
> worn that only
> the faintest remnant of runic script and perhaps pictures
> can be seen.
> Above it is a small hole in the ceiling, no more than an
> inch wide.  A
> faint beam of bluish energy exits it and hits the
> table.  The energy
> is clearly that of the ley line.
> Talas and Ted brace the door closed, and beyond can be
> dimly heard
> many of the blue devils.  There are shouts, clearly
> indicating that
> Raven's trap has caught them.  Soon there are shouts
> of pain, and then
> a few blood curdling cries.  Talas and Ted can feel
> the door shifting
> even as the cries begin to die down.
> Instead, they are replaced by a chant; "Imuz-faka...
> Imuz-k'murd...
> Imuz-faka... Imuz-k'murd... Imuz-faka... Imuz-k'murd..."
> The bluish energy coming through the keyhole in the ceiling
> suddenly
> brightens many times, and as it hits the polished bronze
> walls and
> ceiling, it becomes so bright it is painful to normal human
> eyes.  Soon
> it will become damaging to any unprotected eyes, even
> reptilian eyes
> like Ted's.
> On the table, though it can hardly be seen, a humanoid form
> begins
> to appear, though oddly shaped, for the legs and torso
> seem
> separated from the chest and upper body.  Beyond it,
> the single
> open sarcophagus begins to levitate off the ground.
> The ground is shaking so violently now that the stone floor
> begins to
> groan, and hairline fractures begin appearing in the door.
> Suddenly there is the sound of laughter, vicious, wicked
> and utterly
> inhuman.  "Well well well." the voice says.  "All
> my prey caught in
> my nest.  Don't worry, I'll be along soon, and then my
> servants can
> pick at your bones."
> [/GM]

Talas Yells "There on the Alter! It is the Demon that we spoke of!"
Talas the noises the empty sarcophagus beginning to move. "The beast must need its coffin. We must destroy it, before it can use it!" With that Talas braces his back against the door and pull out his P-beam rifle. Talas then begins firing at the coffin.

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